Black Mold in the Basement

Black mold can be found in any area that is dimly lit, damp, and humid. Anywhere that water can build up is a breeding ground for black mold. This includes areas inside your walls where pipes can begin leaking or "sweating", underneath or inside kitchen cabinets, within refrigerator drip pans, inside ventilation duct work, basement areas, garages, attics, crawl spaces, under carpets, on clothing, and furniture upholstery.

When you begin to search for black mold in your home, be sure to have a flashlight so that you can look inside places where no light will reach. The best place to begin is from the sub-ground levels up.

If you use your basement area for a lot of storage, be sure to check any cardboard boxes for black mold infestations. If your home has suffered any type of flood damage, the basement is an excellent place to begin searching since the conditions there are almost always perfect for mold growths.

Here is a simple checklist you can use when you find black mold growths in your home:

Basement Level

- Check all wooded areas including basement steps for any mold growths

- Check all cardboard boxes, especially towards the bottoms for mold. If mold is found outside the boxes, be sure to look through the contents of the boxes to see if any of it has also begun to grow mold

- Check any areas where water may have condensed for mold growths, especially around washing machines, dryers, water tanks, and heating units

- Check areas around any exposed plumbing work either on the basement ceilings or walls for mold growth

- For finished basements, check around all baseboards for any signs of new mold growth. You may have mold forming under your carpets which will need to be completely removed

- If you have installed any type of "drop ceiling" type tile, quickly survey each tile for any signs of mold growth

- Be sure to take note of any musty or "mildewy" smells within your basement or crawl space area. This is usually a good indicator that mold is present

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