Black Mold on the First Floor

Here is a basic checklist you can use when you find black mold growths on the first floor of your home:

- Bathrooms are almost always a target for mold and mildew, so be sure to check the bathroom area thoroughly. Check shower curtains, tiles, behind toilets, the rim of the toilet bowl, underneath sink cabinets, inside linen closets, etc. for any sign of mold growth

- Kitchens are a terrific breeding source for mold. Check inside all kitchen cabinets, sink splash areas, underneath refrigerator drip pans, inside rubber seals on the refrigerator doors, inside and around dishwashers, or any other place that may suffer from water damage either by flooding or water leakage

- Check around the interiors of your windows, especially around the wooded molding areas for any mold growths. If you regularly see misty water build up on the glass of your windows, it's a safe bet that there will be mold either about to form or already have formed there

- Check walls behind furniture that are located near windows for any mold growths

- Be sure to check any closet areas for mold growths where you may be storing any type of clothing or shoes that were exposed to wet weather

- Check around all the baseboards of your home for any mold growths, even the smallest spots. These spots can be greenish-black, blueish-black, white, orange, or even pink or purple

- Check around ceiling corners and bottom wall corners for mold growths of any size. If you have found a substantial area of mold growing towards the bottoms of your walls, it is a good bet that there may be mold forming underneath your carpets, if your floors are carpeted. Pull back the carpet closest to the spots of mold growing on your wall bottoms to see if there is any there as well

- Inspect all discolored areas on your ceiling for roof leaks, take note of where those are and see if any mold has begun to form there

- Look for peeling wallpaper and inspect behind those areas for any mold spots

- If your laundry room is located on the first floor, be sure to check behind the washer and dryer for any mold that may be forming. If you have wet clothing lying around, be sure to check those as well for greenish-black colored mold as well

- Be sure to inspect your attached garage for mold growth areas. Pay close attention to any discolored areas that may have been exposed to water leakage

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