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How to Repair Venetian Blinds- has clear easy to understand instructions on how to repair venetian blinds or mini-blinds. Save money over buying new blinds by fixing your old ones.

Why are Venetian blinds such a staple of the film-noir genre? Find out at Examples from such films as Fritz Lang’s The Woman in the Window, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion

A University of Toronto page here has some information on the lead content of venetian mini-blinds. Some PVC plastic used to amke mini-blinds is stabilized with lead, which can be a source of poisoning in your household.

The venetian blind page at has a lot of good general information and pictures.

Control strategies for automated venetian blinds used in daylighting multistory buildings: In which it is suggested that daylighting in multistory buildings will soon become a standard practice due to the development of sophisticated electronic and mechanical solar tracking systems that automate venetian blind contro.

Michigan State University Extension has a helpful article on how to wash venetian blinds in a bathtub.

A molecule that flips its arms like the slats on a Venetian blind might in future find uses in computer displays, computer memory, or even windows that become tinted at the flick of a switch. Researchers at North Carolina State University in Raleigh and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, were working with a helical polymer called polyguanidine.

Polyguanidine actually switched chirality so easily that it was difficult to control. To try to make the helices more stable, the researchers stuck side chains of anthracene along the helical backbone.