Bosch Table Saw

The industry of portable table saws has gone through vast improvements and now they are able to design lightweight saw models that are packed with greater power, stability and improved features that have amplified their operation.

Unlike their predecessors that used to suffer from instability, inaccuracy and weaknesses, the new generation of table saws provide better performance and user-friendly features. The newly designed Bosch Table Saw is known as the Bosch 4000 Worksite table saw.

The Bosch 4000 can be considered as a cabinet saw and it is absolutely handy and compact. Despite its portable and miniaturised size, it can carry out any work the same way a big saw would carry out. The tool is extremely convenient for home-based workshops and particularly for purposes where they have to be carried over.

The Bosch 4000 features

This portable table saw is the first one from Bosch and it can be directed in three different ways that gives it a larger surface to work. It is powered by a substantial 15-amp and a 4.4 horsepower motor, which comes along with a 40-tooth saw and carbide-tipped blades.

For tools like this, stability is just as important as the power. To facilitate the stability, the table saw is built at a moderate 60 lbs but it provides the performance of a much heavier tool. It is equipped with a soft-start motor that greatly improves the stability and the tool locks firmly into the folding stand. The stand is strong built and stable and it is conveniently portable.

The Saw’s fence and the tension in the lever-lock can be easily customised with the aid of screw. The flush lever-lock has a soft-gripped handle that can be easily operated with ease. Locking V-blocks are placed at the back channel that makes the fence’s outer end steady. All these features allow the fence to make fairly smooth movements with changes in the rip dimensions and add up to the table saw’s stability.

The Tool in Action

The saw operates pretty quietly despite being a 15-amp saw and has an almost jerk-free start up. Bosch has used the latest technology called Constant Response Circuitry in this product, which prevents the saw from being bogged down. This special feature controls the torque that the machine needs to operate as well as regulate the adequate power that it needs to maintain a steady speed.

It has a robust drive yet not a single vibration can be felt during the time the machine is operating. The portability of the table saw makes it absolutely effortless to set it up or break it down in no time. The saw uses its own weight to rise up or lower down and it has a comfortable work-friendly height.

Bosch has emphasised this tool to be mainly used at worksites but it can be used for home purposes, especially for those who have shortage of spaces. The robust wheels can pull it away no matter how rugged the surfaces are after your work is done.

Product description

The Bosch 4000 worksite table saw comes with 10-inch table saw along with an adjustable stand, auto aligning fences, a convenient 29”x 21-1/2” Die-Cast aluminium bench, fully modifiable feet, meter-gauge storage and 8-inch robust wheels.

User-friendly and economical, the Bosch 4000 worksite saw meet all your requirements for the ultimate tool and this one is definitely the best in the market.