Botanical Glossary Resources

Botanical Glossary Resources

Botany is more than knowing when to water your flowers or what fertilizer to use. It encompasses the study of the structure, development, and diseases that impair the reproduction of plant life. Botany has been around since ancient times and continues to bring interest to the scientific community. Plants are an important factor to the earths biosphere and the following glossaries explain the different types of phytology. From the home gardener to the farmer, or the plant lover these glossaries will be sure to enlighten and help with any botany project.

Botanical Terms
Botany: Glossary

Vplants - A Chicago herbarium plant glossary.
American Rhododendron Society - A plant dictionary of all things plant related.
The Plant Health Instructor - Plant pathology glossary.
California Native Plants - An illustrated glossary of California plants.
Montana Natural Heritage Program -A list of plant terminology on Montana's state's website.


Wild Flower - Glossary of Wild flower terminology.
Flower Glossary - Pictures and definitions of Florida flowers.
The Orchid Society - Glossary of Orchid flowers and botanical
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden - A virtual flower glossary.

Tree Guide - Dictionary of tree terms.
Shreveport Green - The non profit association provides a tree glossary in its attempt to educate the public about the environment.
Tara Trees - Tree terms with pictures to help identify trees.
Favorite Trees - Tree dictionary provided by the Epping Forest District Council.
Forest - A glossary of terms that are related to the forest.

Mold - A glossary of molds from A to Z.
Zoosporic Fungi Glossary -A fungi glossary maintained by the department of plant biology at the University of Georgia.
Plant like microorganisms - University of Minnesota's fungal glossary.
Mycology - The study of fungi with pictures and definitions.

Putting Down Roots - Glossary of tree terms geared towards stem girdling roots.
Types of Roots - A short article about the types of roots with definitions of specialized roots.
All about Roots - An interactive learning collage about roots along with defined terms.

Garden Pests
Insects - A glossary of insects that can inhibit a thriving garden.
Garden Insect Pests - A list of garden insects that are pests and ones that will not harm a garden.


Vegetable Directory - Pictures and descriptions of vegetables.
Vegetable Profiles - Glossary of vegetables and fruits.

The Properties of Herbs - Glossary of terms that express the matter of herbs.
Herbs, Spices and Seasonings - Glossary of modern herbs, spices, and seasoning.
Medicinal - Glossary outlining the medicinal properties of herbs.

Plant Diseases -Glossary of plant diseases.
Wheat Diseases - Definitions of diseases that destroy wheat.
Diseases That Affect Plants - Glossary of diseases with images describing plant damage from the disease.

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