Brinks Home Security offers peace of mind

For peace of mind and a feeling of security in your own home, nothing beats a home security system. When considering purchasing a system, it's wise to consider Brink's Home Security.

Brink's Home Security is considered a leader in home security systems and recently welcomed its one millionth customer, which the company recognized by donating $10,000 to the American Cancer Society.

Brink's Home Security was established in Oregon in 1983 as an affiliate of Brink's Transportation, a provider of secure transportation, and has expanded throughout the United States and Canada, focusing mostly on metropolitan areas. By welcoming that millionth customer in October 2005, it also recognized a growth rate of about 45,000 new customers each year.

Consumer's Digest Award

For the homeowner, Brink's Home Security offers two specific security systems. In August 2003, the company was awarded a 'Best Buy' award from Consumer Digest magazine for the standard and premium security systems.

The standard system (priced at $99) includes a standard keypad, two perimeter sensors and a motion detector, a siren, a master control panel, a Brink's yard sign and window decals, a telephone connection, and back-up power supply.

The Brink's Home Security keypad includes keys that are easy for kids and adults to use and includes three emergency buttons so you can notify Brink's if you need medical, police or fire assistance.

Premium System

The premium Brink's Home Security system (priced at $205) includes all the basics above plus an upgraded keypad and additional perimeter sensor. The upgraded keypad includes a back lit display that takes the homeowner through the various keypad functions.

Both systems include a bypass function and a chime which can alert you anytime a door or window is opened. Not only for intruders, this Brink's Home Security system feature can let parents know when a child has opened a door or window.

Brink's Home Security systems are monitored (for an extra monthly fee). This means all you do is push a button and Brink's will notify fire or police. In addition, if a sensor is disturbed while you are away (a door is opened or a window is broken), the system will immediately notify police.