Build a Patio

You can build a patio in a short amount of time for your family to enjoy. Whether you build a patio on the front, side or even back of your home it is a terrific place for family members and guests to gather in nice weather. The price to build a patio varies on the size, types of materials that you use and the edging you select. The good news is that you can build a patio of the ideal size on virtually any home improvement budget.

Select the area of your yard that you would like to build a patio. Traditionally, patio areas are on the side or back of the home but you can also do them in the front of the house. Once you select the ideal area, take small stakes and rope to mark off the designated area. Remove all sticks, rocks, leaves and other items in the area.

If you have plants, shrubs, herbs or other vegetation that you would like to save it is best to dig them up and place in temporary potting buckets during the patio project. You do not have to kill or toss away the plants that you want to keep.

Site Leveling

Your next step to build a patio is to level the area inside the stakes. You can hoe, rake and even add dirt to fill in holes and gaps. Use a leveling tool to make certain that the entire area is completely level. An uneven starting ground will cause your project to not look as nice and over time the area will be a lumpy mess.

Once the ground is level, pat down or stomp down the ground. You want the entire area to be extremely packed and tight, even if you have to add additional dirt. Moisture and weeds can be a serious problem with the maintenance of a patio area. After the entire area is packed and level, place a thin layer of polyurethane over the entire area extending approximately one-fourth an inch past the stake markers.

Take Measurements

After you have measured the area, it will be time to figure out the square footage. You will then multiple one of the short sides by one of the long side to figure out the total square footage for your new patio. This will give you an idea of how many patio stones you will need to purchase for the area.

At the store, select the type of patio stones that you want to use to build a patio for your home. Purchase a few additional stones to make certain you do not have to return to the store in the middle of your project should one crack or some other accident occur.

When you have returned home and unloaded your stones, place them next to one another very snugly on top of the polyurethane sheet. Remove the market stakes. Once the build a patio with the stones, it is time to add a border. One option is to purchase border stones to stand around the patio area. Another option is to leave the patio with no border.

One favorite to do is to line three sides of the patio with shrubs, bushes and herbs. You can even use perennial flowers as borders. Perhaps you can plant a medium size tree in one corner of the patio that will grow over the years and offer shade. After you build a patio and create a border it is time to add your patio furniture. This is an area that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.