How To Build A Privacy Fence

Lots of do it yourselfers have learned how to build a privacy fence, and you can too. In fact, it's one of the most common yard improvements made by homeowners. There are several choices of materials. In fact, planting tall hedges along the property line provides privacy. But for security, too, and if you have a dog you want to keep confined, here's how to build a privacy fence.

If you're wondering how to build a privacy fence, the first step is to mark off the property line. Figure out where you want the fence and make a mark there. Measure the distance between the ends of the fence. Divide this distance so that posts will be equally distant and no more than eight feet apart. Using a string will help you make the fence straight.

For posts made of eight-foot four by fours, the next step in how to build a privacy fence is to dig post holes 24 inches deep by 10 inches in diameter. Use a post hole auger for this step and put a layer of gravel in the bottom. Place a post in each hole and pour in quick setting concrete. Let it cure for 48 hours.

Pickets can be made from 12 foot two by sixes cut in half. The tops of the pickets look nice dog-eared by sawing off the corners. Treated lumber is recommended because it will handle the weather.

The next step in how to build a privacy fence is to construct it in panels, with rails, also made of two by sixes, at two feet above the ground and two feet from the top.

Next is screwing down the pickets onto the rails, starting and ending eight inches from the ends of the rails. Use two inch galvanized decking screws for attaching them. Leave eight inches between each picket. When you've filled the rails, turn the panel over and place more pickets in between the ones already there.

This is how to build a privacy fence with an attractive staggering of pickets, instead of them all being along one line. To build the fence, screw the ends of the rails onto the posts. Saw the ends off the rails as necessary so they meet in the middle of each post. When the fence is up, add more pickets where there is a gap, and reinforce the fence with additional screws.

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