How to Build a Sunroom

Building a sunroom not only provides an excellent addition of square footage to your home, but it also increases its value as well as adding a huge amount of aesthetic appeal. Sunrooms can be used for dining areas, places to entertain family and friends, or to simply relax and enjoy the feeling of having the outdoors right inside your home. The passive solar heating effects are a bonus to your wintertime heating bills, as are the benefits of having an area in which to grow tropical plants to boost oxygen levels and add a wonderful touch of greenery.

Think About Location

Simple, yet practical things to know when considering how to build a sunroom include access considerations. You will want to make use of existing door or windows to create the entrance to your new addition. And if possible, include more than one way to enter and exit the sunroom so that when dining or entertaining, bottlenecks at the door do not occur. You also might want to consider locating the sunroom near the kitchen area for convenience in getting food and drinks.

Another thing to think about when learning how to build a sunroom should be to note whether or not constructing near a deciduous tree is possible. During the winter, when the tree is minus its leaves, the sun can serve as a heating source and help warm the room on days when the thermometer dips. Conversely, in the summertime, when the tree is fully leafed out, its canopy can provide shade for the sunroom and help lower some of your cooling bills.

Working With Existing Features

If your home is two-storied, you will want to make sure the location of your sunroom does not get in the way of any second-story windows or other building features of your home at that height. It is also important to know how to build a sunroom so that the roof of it evenly matches the slope of roof of your existing home. This gives the look of a professional, natural extension of your home to your sunroom that can make a big difference in appearance.

Ensure Environmental Comfort

How to build a sunroom should additionally include knowing about heating and cooling it adequately. Ceiling fans are almost a given in sunrooms considering the many styles and sizes available, but this may not provide enough cooling air to make the room comfortable in the summer. Checking with your HVAC professional can help you with knowing whether or not extra vents need to be installed.

If you are serious about learning how to build a sunroom, before you take the plunge, you might consider taking a class at your local community college or enlisting the services of a friend or relative who has firsthand experience. Although chances are excellent that you will do just fine, particularly if your handy with tools and can draw and follow a plan, a helping hand and someone to offer advice can often prove invaluable.

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