Building A Cupola

The cupola has existed in architecture for many years and is evident in all of the greatest cities in the world. A cupola is effectively a dome that is placed on top of any building for decorative purposes or, more commonly, to allow light and ventilation into the structure as a whole. It can be an extremely effective tool for ventilation if built and applied to the building in question in the right way.

In a residential home, a cupola can actually be placed on a roof and then accessed via the attic. They are more common on houses these days than shed or barns because they can appear aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If this all sounds like a great idea to you then follow the steps below to start building a cupola.

Materials Needed For Building A Cupola

You may need quite a bit of equipment to start building a cupola. It does take time and patience because it is not an overnight process but it may be the expense that need planning in advance. You will firstly need to get hold of some professional plans because it is just not possible to build an extension to your home without them. As a result of the fact that building a cupola is viewed as an extension to your property, you may also need planning permission before gathering the necessary tools and materials.

Preparation is everything when building a cupola so if you do have the go ahead to begin building then gather tools and materials in advance. You will of course need wooden or metal supports for the framework as well as the material for the walls. The majority of homeowners choose wooden walls and thus need sealant too, but some go for decorative roofs. Copper is a good choice if you do want to achieve a decorative look.

You will need a range of tools when building a cupola. In fact you are likely to need a whole workshop because you labour of love will need to be built indoors over a period of months. When you have your workshop set up, the plans, the materials and the desire to enhance, lighten and ventilate your home then you are ready to begin!

Where To Start When Building A Coppola

Building a cupola should start with the base. You cannot measure the roof and the windows accurately if you have no base dimensions to actually work with. You need to decide on a size before working on the rest of the structure. By measuring the beams and supports and then joining them together, you have a solid platform to work from. When your structural base is complete, you can then build a framework for the windows and roof as well as creating walls for your cupola.

It is beyond the scope of the present article to give step-by-step instructions for building a cupola without plans simply because it is a framed structure, and steps will vary based on the design and type. Much depends on the plans and where you intend to place it when you have finished erecting it.

It may be worth contacting a specialist who does it for a living to get advice or even help. You will certainly need to ask him or her where you can get a crane to place your cupola on your roof! However, when it is finished it can bring a magic to your home that you may only have dreamed about before and for that, building a cupola is ultimately worth it.

Photo by Peter Burgess/CreativeCommons