Building A Deck

You know you need more space. You definitely enjoy outdoor living when the weather is right. It'd be great to have separate areas for the kids and grownups when there's a party. You need somewhere to set up your new high-tech, low-maintenance, all-the-bells-and-whistles, stainless steel man's-man barbecue. Come on, you know it already - building a deck tops your wish list for the home improvement money you've been saving.

A Lifestyle Decision

The really cool thing about it is that while it feels like a selfish concept, the reality is the whole family will enjoy it in their own way. The kids will have their friends over for lunch; Mom will love sending everyone outside while she cooks up a storm in the kitchen and Dad will have the best excuse ever to tie on his novelty apron, grab the barbecue tools and get cooking! Building a deck is something the whole family can be excited about, but if anyone needs more convincing, consider the following.

Building a deck will increase the value of your home

Yes, indeedy. In areas where outdoor living is commonplace, having an outdoor entertainment area is almost expected. When it comes time to sell your home, if you don't have a patio, courtyard or deck, your house may be overlooked in favor of one down the road that recognized the trend. In fact, adding a deck to the house may cost around $10,000 but it can literally add $25,000 to the asking price! Or more!

It'll be a makeover for your house

To be certain, building a deck is no small undertaking. It will make a dramatic difference to the aesthetics of your home. The interesting thing is, once you start with a deck, you'll feel like painting the exterior of the house, maybe fixing up the guttering and then you might even tackle the landscaping. It's amazing how one home improvement can lead to others. You'll be inspired to make the rest of the house and yard look as good as the deck!

Create more space

Do you avoid having parties because there just simply isn't enough room for everyone? Or do you spend the entire party squeezing past guests to get to the kitchen? By building a deck, you open up a part of your house to the outdoors and if you design it right, you can have a party that works indoors as well as out, all at the same time.

Besides parties, it's great to have an extra living area. Take your craft outside and enjoy the sunshine. Read a book while you absorb some vitamin D. Send the kids outside while the housework is in progress and know that they won't wander onto the street. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast while you listen to the birds and look out over your garden.

Enjoy the wildlife

Animal lovers will adore the opportunity to invite the non-human neighbors for a snack. You can position a birdbath in the corner of your deck, hang a bird feeder or leave a treat out for visiting four-legged animals. Building a deck creates a wonderland that you can decorate with wind chimes, stationary kites and beautiful plants.

Make it your sanctuary

A deck can be very versatile. Put a roof over it or not. Furnish it sparsely or totally turn it into your luxury space. Install ambient lighting, outdoor heaters and an integrated music system that brings outside whatever you're playing on the home entertainment system inside. Building a deck gives you a new space to do with whatever you like.

Far from being a boring task involving wood, hammers and nails, building a deck can give you and your home a new lease on life. You'll find yourself eager for the job to finish so you can "move in" to your deck and apply your personal touches. Everyone in the family will love it for their own reasons.

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