Build Your Own Storm Shelter

As the environment goes into overdrive, we find ourselves in the midst of various natural disasters whilst in our own homes. The instances of hurricanes and other severe winds rise in number every year. And the damage that they seem to also grows in proportion. As a result, individuals are choosing to protect their families by investing in build your own storm shelters. They can feasibly provide a degree of protection that other structures and residential aids cannot.

Protection For All The Family

Storm shelters can be bought from a whole host of manufacturers as pre-packed structures that require little work. However, it is often the storm shelter that you build yourself from raw materials that prove to be the most valuable in the time of a crisis.

You can make it as structurally sound as you like, choosing from any number of techniques. It can also be any size and shape that you desire, but make sure that the materials that you buy are suitable. You can seek advice from a hardware store on this issue.

Many websites actually offer build your own storm shelter services. You input your wants and needs from drop down lists. For example, you can choose the width, length, electric supply, windows and overhead door size the name but a few. Some services will deliver your very own unique storm shelter in its actual form and ready for installation.

Others will just deliver the pieces in their raw state for construction as well as insulation. If you do choose the latter then the instructions will come with it, but there is one simple and effective way to install a build your own storm shelter however you receive it. For simple installation techniques, see below.

Tornado Warning: Get Underground

There are several steps you need to take in order to install your own storm shelter:

    1. Accurately measure the dimensions of the completed build you own storm shelter and plan a hole that will contain it, leaving the door slightly above ground for easy access. Dig the hole out, but measure again every foot it progresses underground to make sure that the measurements are consistent.

2. Lower your build you own storm shelter into the hole carefully to avoid damage. It will be necessary to hire a lift of some sort to achieve this end. Place the shelter as close to the exact centre of the hole as you can, but make sure that there is room either side of it.

3. Half fill the hole with concrete. This will secure the build your own shelter effectively. This should be left to set for at least a day because of how deep the layer will be.

4. Fill the rest of the hole with soil and compact as much as possible to further solidify the base. It is during this stage that any electrical and water supplies should be fitted. They should be contained between the concrete and soil layers, thus providing a degree of access if necessary. A telephone line, if desired, should be placed half way down the soil layer, thus affording some protection but also allowing easier access for repairs.

In four easy steps your can securely install a build your own storm shelter. This may one day save your life so the time spent working on the installation should be put in perspective. It does take some time and effort because of the demands of the job, even though the actual steps are simple enough to follow. Be prepared for problems too because no major construction work is ever easy. Prepare for the worst and you will ultimately get the best.

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