Burglar Alarm Security Systems Tips

Burglar alarm security systems can be as simple or complicated as you wish, the very simple systems you can put together yourself from a kit or you can spend several hundreds of dollars or even thousands on having one professionally installed.

If you wish to make a very basic burglar alarm security system then you will have to give some thought as to what you need. You will have to make the decision regarding a hard wired system or a wireless one and there are three basic components to either which are the detectors, a signalling device and the control panel.

If you need a very high level of security then the hard wired is the most suitable choice or if low level is all that is required then choose the wireless. Wireless are the easiest to install and the neatest while the hard wired is a little more complicated for the beginner to DIY.

Choosing the Correct Equipment

DIY stores cover a huge variety of alarm equipment although some are very basic in comparison to those a professional uses; however they still do the same job. When choosing the equipment remember that hard wired will be compatible with any control panel while wireless might not be so care should be taken here.

The control panel needs to be given a lot of thought as this will be the heart of the alarm, while control panels will vary greatly with the features that are installed on it, they do all have some features in common, all basic panels will have

    • Around 8 detection zones, these are where you will install the detectors for the house. However it is important to realise that you can connect more than one detector to one zone. Zones on the unit are usually programmed for different choices such as coming in and going out and detection of fire.

    • A closed circuit loop which is a global tamper circuit and is wired to all devices on the system

    • Connections for a back up battery as all alarms should be fitted with a rechargeable battery

    • At least one programme which is part set and allows the different zones and types of zones to be programmed for the type of protection that is most suited to your needs

    • Connections to attach an SABs sounder

Other Components of Burglar Alarm Systems

A passive infra-red detector otherwise known as a PIR is a detector which is used to cover a large area using just one single detector. If you have pets that roam around freely then you should choose a pet tolerant type this will stop the alarm sounding if it picks up the movement of your pet. This type is known to be the cause of false alarms and a much better solution, though more expensive is the dual technology detector which uses infra-red and microwave technology.

Shock sensors can be used to sense any vibration which could be caused by forced entry; this is very useful for installing around the perimeter of doors and windows. Signalling devices of course will sound out and are commonly called external sounders, along with sounding out many of them also incorporate strobe or flashing lighting.

Handy points to remember when installing burglar alarm security systems

    • Make the choice of hard wired or wireless based on cost and preference
    • Take your time when choosing the heart of the system, the control panel
    • Make sure you have the right type and number of detectors
    • Choose the correct type of signalling device for your needs
    • Always get help and advice if you are unsure

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