Butcher Block Countertops

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank butcher block countertops may be the perfect solution. Combining the best in beauty and functionality, butcher block countertops are made out of Hard Rock maple or Appalachian Red Oak that give the a solid surface and a warm glow to almost any kitchen.

If you have ever been in an old butcher shop you may already be familiar with butcher block countertops. These solid structures are what butchers cut and packaged meat on because of their durability, hardness and ability to withstand just about any type of force. Their solid surface means that there is nowhere for germs and bacteria to grow, unlike in other materials which may scratch or get nicked.

Sprucing Up Your Kitchen

When it comes to cleaning butcher block countertops, soap and water do the job just fine. They are classified as virtually maintenance-free because they require no special treatment or care other than routine cleaning. However, it is recommended that you periodically oil the countertop with a pure mineral oil to help treat the wood.

So what happens if you ever get a scratch or burn in a butcher block countertop? You just get out your sander and sand down the imperfection and apply some mineral oil the affected area. No other countertop material can lay claim to this easy of a repair!

You should always use a cutting board with your butcher block countertop. Despite the fact they are made of wood you should still treat it like any other countertop surface. Cutting meats or preparing foods directly on the countertop can damage the surface, which while easy to repair is still time consuming.

Pricing for butcher block countertops start at about $32 per square foot in most areas. You can install them with just about any combination of different types of woods or combine it with other countertop materials to create your own special design in the kitchen. Most do-it-yourself centers and home improvement stores carry wide selections of butcher block material and can custom cut it to any size you need.

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