How to Buy a Paint Sprayer

The easiest way to paint anything is by having the right paint applicator. You may be painting the walls inside your house, the outside of your house, furniture or a number of other things around your home and yard. Depending on the project, you may want to choose from a paintbrush, paint sprayer, paint roller or pads. For instance, if you were painting a small chair you would be more likely to use a paintbrush than a paint sprayer.

For bigger jobs, you will want to consider buying a paint sprayer or roller. How to buy the right paint sprayer for your project is actually one of the most common painting questions do-it-yourselfers have. They want to know that the paint sprayer they choose is going to work correctly and provide an even coating of paint without splattering all over the place.

Luckily, buying a paint sprayer is not that difficult if you follow a few fundamental tips and are armed with information on what kinds of paint sprayers are available.

Kinds of Paint Sprayers

If you want to know how to buy the right paint sprayer you first need to know what kind of paint sprayers are available on the market.

The three main kinds of sprayers are:


What it comes down to is personal preference. You may have to try a couple of options before finding the right paint sprayer to suit your needs. You could ask friends, family, and even professionals and you would receive various answers as to which is preferred and why.

However, when professionals use paint sprayers most of them do use sprayers with compressed air systems. While these will be some of the most expensive options, it is certainly something to consider if you want a professional look or plan to use your paint sprayer for professional purposes.

Do-it-Yourself Paint Sprayer Tips

As a do-it-yourselfer, you may want to consider buying a paint spraying kit. Not only will the kits speed up the progress of any project, there is no question about what is available. Everything you need comes in the paint sprayer kit.

While the professionals are using the compressed air systems, it has become quite popular in the do-it-yourself crowd to use an airless paint sprayer system. This system is ideal for someone completing a large project, because no buckets or trays are needed for reloading the paint applicator. Instead, the paint is automatically pumped to the nozzle of the sprayer.

Paint Sprayer Issues

No matter what kind of paint sprayer you choose there are some issues you have a good chance of experiencing. When you spray a wall, it is done so in a different way then if you are applying the paint to the wall with a roller or paint brush. The nozzles are small, and the paint dries quickly in the applicator. This can clog the nozzle and as it sprays, it can cause quite a mess.

When you are spraying the wall, you will have a lot more to clean up then with traditional paint methods. You should invest in drop cloths for the floor and painters tape to make sure you do not spray across corners, on light switches, and on window ledges.

However, the main advantage of the sprayer is a nice even layer of paint over whatever you are a spraying. It gets better coverage then paint with brushes or rollers.

Making your Paint Sprayer Choice

When you are researching how to buy a paint sprayer, and looking into various models consider the type of applicator you are choosing. Paint sprayers come with various power levels. If you have a relatively steady hand and you want at thicker applicator then try a paint sprayer with a high power level.

If you want a lighter layer, or have a less than steady hand, try the sprayers with the least amount of power. You can always come back and apply a second coat of paint if you think the wall needs more.

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