Buy Skylights Online

If you can't find what you're looking for in the way of skylights at your local home improvement store, then you might want to check out how easy it is to buy skylights online. You might also be surprised at the many different manufacturers as well as the great array of skylight selections offered.

One online residential skylight manufacturer doesn't sell on the Internet, but the company does direct you to local brick-and-mortar dealers located according to your Zip code. Solatube sells a skylight tube that comes in three sizes: 10 inch, 14 inch, and for larger areas, a 21-inch skylight tube that can spread natural light to areas like extra-tall-ceilinged entryways, garages, and spacious, warehouse-style living areas. Solatube's tubular skylights redirect sunlight down a highly reflective metal shaft and then diffuse it throughout the room. This company claims its skylight tube material to have the highest reflectivity of any other manufactured in the entire world.

Velux sells not only four models of the skylight tube (which the company markets under the name Sun Tunnel), but also sells the more traditional, rectangular-shaped skylight (also offered in four models), as well as windows specially made for roofs. Velux offers products that it sells directly off the company's Website, but also directs customers to customers' local dealers by way of their Zip codes as an alternative to shopping online.

Velux also sells an array of shades and motorized blinds for skylights of all sizes and shapes. Colors offered include white, translucent white, eggshell white, charcoal, beige, light-blocking black, and more. These motorized blinds can also be purchased online or at a local, authorized dealer's retail shop.

A few other reputable, online skylight purveyors include,, and But of course, there are many more. So go ahead and take a few minutes to check out just what you, yourself, can find in the way of skylights offered online. You might be surprised. And with a little shopping around, you're sure to find just the skylight you envision to tap into that natural light that everyone knows is best (and free).