A Calla Lily Bouquet for the Bride and Beyond

Bouquet of Calla LiliesMany brides are opting these days to carry a calla lily bouquet in their wedding. These elegant flowers are often white but can also be yellow, pink, or purple. Actually, in a calla lily bouquet, the calla (also called arum) lilies are not true flowers but are a botanical part called a spathe, which is a wide bract, or the part just below the flower. The flower of the calla lily is down inside this gracefully shaped spathe.

The lovely tropical houseplant known as the peace lily is also graced with decorative spathes, but is not the same as the lily found in a calla lily bouquet. Either plant, the calla lilies used in bridal bouquets and decorating and the peace lily, can be purchased in high quality realistic silk versions.

Gift that Lasts

The bride who chooses a good silk calla lily bouquet will have a lasting floral arrangement that can be used decoratively in her new home. In addition, a silk calla lily bouquet can have callas of any color, including green, burgundy, gold, or any other colors used in a wedding party.

A calla lily bouquet is also lovely as a table centerpiece for a wedding reception. That same bouquet, if silk, can grace the bride's dining room table or hearth. A white calla lily bouquet with pink roses and greenery makes a stunning arrangement.

The spathes in the calla lily bouquet are beautiful, whether used right side up or turned so that they point downward. In some bouquets, calla lilies are used without other flowers while in other bouquets they are expertly combined with roses or other beautiful flowers.

A fresh calla lily bouquet is likely to cost $100 or more. For an elegant dinner party, no other centerpiece can equal the luxury of a sparkling vase of these beauties. For even more extravagance, try a calla lily bouquet containing roses and orchids. Do it yourselfers can save on these costs by growing calla lilies themselves. They require quite a bit of attention and will not withstand a hard frost, but with a greenhouse you can grow your own calla lily bouquet.

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Photo by marajane creations, Creative Commons Attribution License