The Camping Resource Collection

Camping has always been an American past time. Tapping into the survival skills passed down by our pioneer ancestors, people are repeatedly amazed by the beauty and majesty of the great outdoors. Before you hit the trails this season, make sure you are well prepared for your trek into the wilderness. Camping is a great activity for families and encourages an active lifestyle. Check out these informative camping resources before packing up your gear and heading out.

Camping Tips

Camping Cooking Tips - There is little worse than being stuck at your campsite without the essential cooking equipment, be sure to check out these camping cooking tips.

Camping Tips for Beginners - Start your camping trip off right by reviewing these important camping tips.

California Camping Tips - Get answers to popular camping questions from the California State Park Authority.

CDC Camping Tips - The Center of Disease Control promotes healthy living. Take their advice and follow safe health practices when camping this season.

Camping Basics - Make sure children are properly prepared for their camping adventure with valuable health information.

Surviving the Great Outdoors - Wilderness medicine can save lives and prepare campers for the unknown, consider learning a bit about wilderness medicine before heading off on your camping adventure.

Camping Recipes

Quick Camping Recipes - The South Carolina State Parks can’t wait to get the fires going with these tasty camping recipes that are sure to satisfy hungry campers.

Sensational Summer Camping Recipes - Take your Good Housekeeping outdoors this summer with these easy recipes that will delight your little campers.

Grilling and Camping Recipes - Fire up the grill and break out the recyclable paper plates, these eco-friendly and delicious camping recipes will add sensible flare to your camping experience or backyard BBQ.

MacScouter: Cooking and Cookbooks - The US Scouting Service Project has provided tons of great and easy to prepare recipes for the outdoorsman.

Dutch Oven Cooking - The South Dakota State Parks are excited to start the camping season off with these hardy camping recipes, including Dutch Oven cooking tips and tricks.

Recipe Resources - Quick and easy is always a good motto when it comes to camping food, so much to see and do, you don’t have time to cook. Check out these quick and easy meal ideas.

Campsite Activities

Family Camping Games and Activities - Add fun and active games to your family camping trip. These entertaining and kid-focused games will provide hours of family fun.

Camping Activities - Make the most of your camping trip by incorporating some of these outdoor activities.

Ideas for Kids and Families - Need something to do outside while on your camping trip? Look no further, try some of these fun and flexible camping activities on for size!

Camping Coloring Pages - Get the kids pumped up for your camping trip with these printable coloring sheets.

Campground Games for Kids - Get the kids up and moving with active outdoor games.

Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment Checklist - Prepare yourself for a great camping trip by following this easy camping equipment checklist.

Gear Tips - Learn about various camping equipment that you will need for your next big trip. Don’t find yourself in a tight spot by going camping without the necessary equipment.

Campfire Songs & Stories

Campfire Stories with George Catlin - Experience the traditional campfire stories of George Catlin.

Spooky Campfire Stories - Entertain your friends and family around the campfire with these bone chilling campfire stories.

Campfire Songs - Grab your guitar and sing along with these classic campfire favorites.

Catch Campfire Toons - Gather ‘round and get down with these group sing along campfire songs.

Scout Songs - Get ready for your camping trip by learning a new campfire song and have a play list ready to get you in the camping mood.

Camping in the USA

Wildernet - Map out your camping excursion starting with the US map tool, then select your destination.

Go Camping America - Whether you pick a tent or hop in an RV, check out great camp grounds and camping all over the United States.

Find Camping - Use this handy tool from to find the best camping stop for your next trip.

10 Must See National Parks - Get your camping trip started at one of America’s beautiful national parks.

MyCountyParks - Sort national parks by county and plan your camping trip to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest of campers.

Canadian Camping

Camping Canada - Find resources for each Canadian providence and all that it has to offer the eager camper.

Canadian Adventures - See what awesome adventures Canada has for campers and outdoor enthusiasts!

Canadian National Parks - Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and majesty of the Canadian landscape in any one of Canada’s many national parks.

The Backpacker’s Guide to Canada - Test your survival skills by backpacking in Canada.

Canada Outdoors - There are tons of outdoor and adventure activities to experience when camping in Canada. Take advantage of the unique opportunities Canadian tourism offers.

Weather Forecasts

Outdoor Guide - The Weather Channel can help you plan out your camping trip and make sure you have the proper weather gear.

Cold Weather Camping Tips - If you choose to camp in the colder months, be sure to follow proper health and safety measures.

Predict the Weather - Survival techniques to predict weather changes and prepare accordingly. Don’t get stuck in the rain, learn to predict the weather.