Capiz Chandelier

A Capiz chandelier is made out of Capiz shells. These shells are also known as windowpane oyster shells. The Capiz shells come from the Philippines and Indonesia. These shells are circular and have a pearl sheen to them. They come from a Mollusk and look beautiful when strung together to make a Capiz Chandelier.

The Translucent Beauty of a Capiz Chandelier

The most beautiful characteristic found in a Capiz chandelier is the translucency of the shells. When Capiz shells are strung together and light shines through them, they give off a beautiful array of light reflecting off the shells. Today, many people are choosing to buy Faux or Fake Capiz chandeliers, but these replicas do not even come close to the beauty of an authentic handmade Capiz Chandelier crafted in the Philippines.

Home Decorating with a Capiz Chandelier

Decorating with a Capiz chandelier is a beautiful enhancement to any room. First you need to choose the location to showcase your Capiz chandelier. After you have selected the perfect spot, you can be sure that your new Capiz chandelier will be the focal point of your room.

When decorating with textures, you can accentuate the natural beauty of the Capiz shells by adding some other accessories that have similar traits such as translucency, sheen, and roundness.

You may decide to add some satin decorative pillows to the room, or some sheer curtains as window treatments. You can also work with the natural theme behind the Capiz chandelier and add more natural pieces such as additional shells, wood, pearls, or other items that you find beautiful that remind you of the sea.

A very nice touch is to study the colors of your Capiz chandelier, and pick out some accents for the room that are the same tints found in the shells. Though this is a very subtle look, the minds eye will notice and it will have a stunning effect on the overall decor of your room. Finally, your Capiz chandelier will give your decor the presence of royalty and regality. Choose some rich fabrics for other accessories to enhance this element.