Carpet Mold Remedies

Indoor air quality in the home is a growing concern for homeowners. Mold in the carpet can create poor indoor air quality. There are estimated to be over 1,000 different types of mold found in the United States. Carpet mold alone can lead to health problems for all of the occupants of a home. It is no surprise that carpet mold remedies are in high demand.

Preventing Carpet Mold

The best way to fight carpet mold problems is to prevent them entirely. If you take steps to reduce mold in your home, you will never have a need for carpet mold remedies. The main cause of mold in the home is moisture. Anywhere you have excess moisture and warm temperatures, you will have mold. Once you find and eliminate the sources of moisture in your home, you'll be able to prevent mold effectively.

One of the best ways to get rid of moisture in the home is a dehumidifier. These are helpful in preventing carpet mold in the basement or other damp areas.

Dehumidifiers are not cheap, but they are consistently coming down in price. In addition, many models are now energy efficient so using one will not waste energy. Dehumidifiers are powerful carpet mold remedies when they are kept between 30% and 40% humidity, as most mold grows at 45% humidity.

Air circulation is another important part of carpet mold prevention. Make sure that your home has plenty of circulation and that all exhaust fans and vents are working properly. If you don't have an exhaust fan in an area that produces steam (like your bathroom or kitchen) open a window to release the steam.

If your exhaust fans are not working correctly, get a consultation from a professional. Getting your exhaust fans up to par will be much less expensive that paying for extensive carpet mold remedies later.

Getting Rid of Carpet Mold

Carpet mold can be approached in one of two ways. You can either hire a professional team to eradicate the mold, or do it yourself. Keep in mind that small areas of carpet mold can normally be treated with a solution of bleach and water.

There are commercial carpet mold remedies available on the market, but making one yourself is less expensive and, in many cases, more effective. It's worth it to give the bleach/water solution a try before spending money on a commercial product. If it doesn't work, you haven't wasted money, and you can still try the commercial product later on.

Put one part bleach to 1 part water in a squirt bottle and dampen the moldy area. The mold will change color when the solution is working, so if you don't initially get a reaction, keep spraying. Clean up the residue with paper towels, and immediately throw the waste away. While you are using this method, make sure to have the windows open and air circulating.

If you have carpet mold in an area over 10 square feet, or if there is mold in your duct work, you will need to hire a professional. Remember that mold removal is dangerous, even in small amounts.

A large job like this requires professional carpet mold remedies. Hiring a professional is not cost prohibitive when you consider how mold affects the health and well being of yourself and your family.

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