Carpet Stain Removal on Old and New Carpets

After the actual construction of your house, the carpet you decide upon can be one of the biggest investments you will make. You will likely spend days wandering through carpet showrooms, considering styles, loops, shags, textures, colors, durability, fashion and so many more facets that once it is finally laid, it will be a relief!

Before you even sign on the dotted line, however, ask about the carpet stain removal techniques that you will need to employ if, heaven forbid, a blotch or smear finds its way on to your precious investment.

You may score a great price on the carpet you think you want, but if your home is prone to spills, messes, pet stains or even simply high traffic, then you will want to think carefully about your choice. Carpet stain removal should be near the top of the list of priorities when shopping for soft floor coverings.

Steam cleaning removes stain guard treatments

Of course, some carpets are given a stain guard treatment as part of the manufacturing process and this will serve you well for several years, the specific length depending on the kind of treatment and the kind of wear and tear to which it will be subjected.

But what a lot of consumers do not know is, the very first time you have your carpets steam cleaned, all of that valuable protection is stripped off, leaving them vulnerable to a multitude of stains that occur as a normal part of daily living. Carpet stain removal will become an issue at some point, whether or not the product you buy is coated with a protective treatment.

Be prepared before the stains happen

When buying your carpet, ask the salesperson which products will be suitable for your particular carpet. He may try to sell you the line that you will not need to worry about carpet stain removal for years, but the fact is, you should be armed and ready for when that stain eventuates.

At least know what options you will have so that you do not pick up a wet sponge and a commercial stain remover, do untold damage to the carpet leaving the stain remaining and your carpet uncovered by the original warranty.

There are dozens of carpet stain removal products on the market but different chemicals work for different materials. Natural fibers need to be treated one way, artificial fibers another. Some respond to dry methods, others to damp. It is vital that you read the instructions on the pack and if in doubt, consult your carpet manufacturer or retailer.

Spot test a sample

Always keep a sample square of your carpet in the same color as what you have installed and use it to spot test any cleaning products you intend to experiment with for carpet stain removal. Apply the same stain as you need to remove and try the products to see what happens. If you are not happy with the results, you will know not to try it on the floor, and you'll be so glad you didn't!

If you have old carpets and do not know much about them as far as fibers, brand name and so on, you may have to use a little trial and error if you find a stain. You can still do the experimental spot test in an inconspicuous area of the carpet and that will help you decide whether to apply it in a more noticeable area.

Carpet stain removal can be a little more challenging on old, worn carpets and sometimes, a steam clean by a professional will be helpful because not only will the carpet benefit from the cleaning but the operator should be able to give you some advice on stain removal while in your home.

The best hint of all about carpet stain removal is to prevent the stains in the first place. Easier said than done, sure, but with some vigilance and some house rules, fewer stains are likely to occur.

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