A Carport Canopy

carport canopy in pinkHaving a garage is a wonderful boon when protecting a valuable car, boat, or motorcycle. Not all houses are built with garages, however, and even if the house has a garage, it is often filled with stored belongings. In cases in which a garage is not available, a carport canopy makes an affordable alternative. There are a variety of styles, materials, and sizes to choose from when selecting a carport canopy.

The basis of a carport canopy is a frame of rust-resistant steel tubing. This framework supports a covering made of rip-stop polyethylene material. The tarp-like fabric is designed to withstand rugged weather, wind, rain, and cold. The framework can be in a peaked roof style or a Quonset hut style. The size of a carport canopy can range from animal shelter size to large enough to protect two cars. Sometimes a carport canopy is designed with clear vinyl windows and a zippered back door.

Newer homes have a lot of features that older homes do not these days; such are the demands of modern life! Personal property is extremely important as we live in a world that materialism effectively rules. Possessions define us, and that includes our car.

For homes that do not have a garage or for people that only put their cars under lock and key at night, a metal canopy may be an ideal solution for the need to protect their beloved status symbol. However, for the average homeowner, a carport canopy serves a much greater purpose.

Why Every Home Should Have One

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the first carport canopy in 1936 for a demanding buyer who wanted shelter for his car. The popularity of carport canopies has grown ever since and now they are evident on a quite a few homes around the world. Mr Wright’s buyer wanted shelter for his car and that is exactly what it provided.

Individuals that want a carport canopy today also want to shelter their cars but want to be able to get to the car quickly and safely in the dark and in extreme weather conditions. The carport canopy allows you to do that. A light can be attached to the fixture for nighttime use and the canopy itself can stave off the elements. The idea is simple but effective.

Erecting A Carport Canopy

If you do want to add a carport canopy to your home then you actually erect it yourself in no time at all. The structure is generally very simple and it does not matter whether it is free standing or attached to your home. You can find do it yourself carport canopy kits but it is just as easy to make it yourself from scratch and costs roughly the same.

However, a carport canopy does not have to be a carport canopy as such. You can erect it over a patio or over your front door to keep the elements at bay whilst you are sitting outside or leaving for work for example. Wherever you want it, you can erect it.

If you want to attach a carport canopy to your home, all you need is wooden or metal supports, a sheet of industrial plastic such as glazed polycarbonate, PVC guttering and a sealant, as well as the necessary power tools. All you have to do is decide where you want it and then put it up! Make sure you treat the supports with sealant before you erect it though.

    1. Firstly, dig holes of about 2 feet deep where you wish to place the supports. You should dig around the support diameter by about 8 inches.

    2. When you place the supports for the carport canopy in place, fill the hole with gravel up to 6 inches below ground level and then compact and level it out.

    3. Fill the rest of hole with soil and then allow it to set for a day or so whilst you plan exactly where to put the plastic roofing. This should be cut to overhang the supports by approximately a foot and should then be attached with strong bolts. It should also be attached to the side of the house using the same sort of bolt. This will effectively hold it in place.

    4. You should attach the guttering to ensure that excess water is removed as soon as the canopy is in place. It will then be ready to use.

There are many other uses for a carport canopy besides simply protecting cars. Outdoor parties, for instance, can be sheltered from the occasional rain shower under a portable carport canopy. Even an outdoor wedding can be graced with a white carport canopy designed for the event.

Those who sell crafts or vegetables at open air markets will also appreciate the shade of a portable carport canopy under the heat of the summer sun. Similarly, hunting dogs who live in a kennel will benefit from the shade and weather protection of a carport canopy installed over their pen.

A similar product to the freestanding carport canopy is an awning that can be attached to the house to form a carport or sheltered deck or porch. Another type of carport canopy is a more permanent structure made of metal. These shelters are understandably more expensive than the polyethylene type.

A polyethylene carport canopy large enough to protect a car can be purchased for under $400, while a prefabricated metal garage runs around $1000. Of course, a metal structure is more sturdy in the case of heavy precipitation, being able to withstand up to 40 pounds of snow per square foot.

Photo by FreaksAnon/CreativeCommons