Carrier Air Conditioners

If possible, it makes sense to purchase items from companies that specialize in what they do, that lead the pack in sales and technology. If you're looking to purchase an air conditioning system, look to Carrier air conditioners.

This company, which essentially invented the air conditioner more than 100 years ago, is the top seller of air conditioning systems. Carrier manufactures and sells heating systems, ventilating systems and HVAC systems, but it's the Carrier air conditioners that help define the company.

Carrier air conditioners lead the pack in cooling systems

Carrier air conditioners are manufactured and sold in more than 170 countries by more than 43,000 employees. Truly the largest manufacturer of air conditioning systems, Carrier prides itself on innovation and quality.

If you're looking to add an air conditioning system to your home, you can purchase a room air conditioning system or central air conditioning tied to your central heating system (which Carrier also provides). Carrier air conditioners have been called the most reliable available, which likely means you won't be replacing your Carrier air conditioner for many years.

If you want to purchase Carrier air conditioner's top of the line central air conditioning system, consider the Infinity18 system. This unit provides customers with the highest energy efficiency available from Carrier, with the company claiming savings of up to 60 percent. It also features Carrier's WeatherArmor, which offers an enhanced condenser grille guard to keep your Carrier air conditioner safe from the elements.

The Infinity 18 Carrier air conditioner is technologically advanced thanks to its self-diagnostic abilities. This air conditioner can detect when the air filter needs replacing and allows the homeowner to control humidity, air quality, fan speed, and ventilation, in addition to temperature. It can even adjust itself to peak needs and adjust its performance.

At the other end of the spectrum, homeowners might choose the Comfort 10 Carrier air conditioner. This unit takes freon refrigerant and also features Carrier's WeatherArmor coil guard system. This air conditioning unit also controls humidity for added comfort and can save the homeowner up to 16 percent on energy bills.

A variety of room air conditioners are also available from Carrier air conditioners, including the Performance KCA unit which is ideal for rooms ranging from 100 to 875 square feet. This unit features quiet touch controls and remote control for the ultimate in convenience and comfort.