GE Refrigerators

One of the great American names in domestic electrical appliances is GE, making General Electric refrigerators amongst the very best that you can buy to install in your new kitchen or to replace an existing refrigerator. Time was a refrigerator was simply a place in the kitchen to keep food cool and, if you were lucky, it might also have had an ice-box for storing ice ready for those really hot summer days. Today’s modern refrigerators will not only keep foodstuffs cool but can dispense chilled drinks to you and be custom designed to fit in with your overall kitchen décor.

Types of Refrigerators

Setting a Refrigerator Thermostat

Before refrigeration was invented we had to throw out any leftovers, and couldn’t store meat unless it was salted and cured. Refrigeration gave us a way to chill our food down to temperatures that will slow down bacteria growth in the refrigerator and to stop bacteria growth in the freezer.

The safest temperature for a refrigerator is 35-38 degrees F. It should never be higher than 40 degrees F to insure food safety. Anything higher will promote food spoilage, including food borne illnesses.

Fridge Thermostats

For a refrigerator to run properly, it is essential that fridge thermostats be in working order. If the thermostat is not working properly, the refrigerator might not keep the food cold enough, even though you turn the controls as cold as you can get them.

On the other hand, a poorly working thermostat might cause the fridge to kick on too frequently, keeping the food too cold and wasting electricity. For top economy, home owners need to make sure their fridge thermostats are working correctly.

Checking Thermostats

Subzero Refrigerators Home Refrigeration

Who was it that said, if you’re going to do it, do it right? Was it possible they were talking about Subzero refrigerators?

If a kitchen remodel is in the plans, it might be time to upgrade to a Subzero refrigerator, long considered one of the finer items a homeowner can add to their stable of household appliances.

Dual Refrigeration

One of the more unique features of Subzero refrigerators is the dual refrigeration system, which comes standard on every refrigerator. This system offers separate cooling systems for the freezer and refrigerator. Subzero claims this helps keep fresh food fresh longer in the refrigerator and preserves the freezer food better as well.