How do Washing Machines Work?

Any attempt at fixing your washing machine yourself will be helped greatly by a basic understanding of how this major appliance works. Most everyone knows that washers go through wash and spin cycles, but as not so clear on the details of what goes on inside to run them.

Also, the exact design will differ among manufacturers and models, but there are some things all washers share. They all have electric motors driving the action, some way of draining and filling themselves with water, and timers to control the activation and stopping of the different cycles, for example.

Buying Guide for Washing Machine

Before buying a washing machine there are some factors you should consider to make sure you choose the one that suits you and your needs best. You can use this buying guide for washing machines to help you make an informed decision.

How many children do you have? Are you active? Will your clothing be extra soiled from sports or other activities? Are you busy? The wash load size and number of loads that you will be doing is another consideration. Do you have time to do many smaller loads or will you need to do fewer larger loads.

Whirlpool Stackable Washer Dryers

Owning a Whirlpool stackable washer and dryer system is an ideal solution for anyone needing a washer and dryer but with limited space in which to fit them. A combined Whirlpool stackable washer dryer can be installed in a kitchen, a utility area, a garage or any other enclosed building; they are even suitable for installing into mobile/trailer homes. Some people might say that having a combined ‘all-in-one’ washer/dryer unit will save even more space. Whilst that might be true a Whirlpool stackable washer dryer has advantages over an ‘all-in-one’ washer dryer.

Washer Dryer Combos

Each day billions of individuals all around the world wear clothing. At the end of the day these items all needed to be washed and dried. Many families already have a washer and a dryer in their home; however, there are others who do not. The most common reason why households do not have a washer or a dryer is a space limitation.

Stackable Washer and Dryer

A stackable washer and dryer is the perfect compliment to any home. Depending on your space you will appreciate the compactness of these items. They are the perfect solution for those who live in condos, trailers, mobile homes, RVs, or just need to save space in their laundry rooms.

They are known for conserving energy by using less water than regular top load washers. You can purchase a large capacity stackable washer and dryer for even greater savings.

Some of the features included with many stackable washer and dryer systems include: user friendly controls and settings, economy saving cycles, on and off lights, variable speed settings, automatic detergent dispensers, large doors, and dryer voltages of either 110 or 220 Volts.