Installing Laminate Countertops

It is quite possible to install a plastic laminate countertop of good quality using only a chisel, file, saw and block plane tool, but a few simple tools added to this can make the job much easier and quicker.

A knife with a carbide tip blade makes a great tool for cutting laminate countertop sheets. Here’s how:

  • Lay a long straightedge on the plastic laminate sheet where you want to trim it. The straightedge should lay on the side of the sheet you want to keep, so if the knife runs off line it won’t ruin the sheet

Replacing Your Kitchen Counter Trim

Everyone wants to make home updates, and getting rid of counter trim that doesn’t quite work to your standards is the first step in improving your kitchen. There are a lot of new homeowners that do not have the money for a complete kitchen remodel, so choosing smaller projects to do it yourself is the easiest way to get your kitchen looking fresh and new without a lot of money being spent. Replacing your kitchen trim can change the look and feel of the room easily and quickly.

Preparing For Replacement

Quartz Tile Countertop

Beautiful countertops made from stone are quickly becoming a favorite addition to homes by homeowners all over the nation. Stone countertops made out of heavy slabs of stone can be bulky and expensive to install, so many people are choosing to install tile countertops, such as quartz tile countertops, in their homes instead.

Making a Bathroom Countertop

Making a bathroom countertop is an ideal way to provide extra storage space, meaning that all the lotions and potion you use in the bathroom are readily to hand.

If you’re replacing an existing bathroom countertop, or installing one for the first time into an existing bathroom, you should take care to ensure that the material you use for the countertop is sympathetic to the existing style of fittings and décor of the bathroom.

However, if you’re renovating the bathroom you can decide what material will best compliment the fittings and final decoration scheme in the renovated bathroom. The following comments relate to making a bathroom countertop that has a wash basin incorporated into it.

Polishing Worn Granite Countertops

If you have granite countertops that are worn, scratched or simply looking dull - there’s no need to pay someone to come in to your home to restore them. With the right equipment any DIY home enthusiast can be polishing worn granite countertops themselves and save themselves a lot of money. The most important thing to remember when you start polishing worn granite countertops is that it’s not like using beeswax or your favorite furniture polish.

Buffing the Surface