Adding a small porch to any property will both add value to it and serve a variety of practical purposes too. Depending on the climate where you live, for many people these days adding a small porch is a simple and effective way of providing shade to sit under or alternatively an extra layer of weather proofing and insulation to a property.

So, if you live in a warm and sunny climate you will probably be considering adding an open porch; whereas if you live in an area of less clement weather you’ll probably be adding a small porch that is enclosed by glass, timber or possibly even brick.

Adding Decking Ready for Small Porches

Apartment BalconiesThere is no better feeling than having your own apartment. However, having an apartment is not like owning your own home. If you have a house then you are unlikely to have a shared back yard or patio.

With an apartment, the likelihood is that you have to share a balcony. You may have partitions up to stop your neighbours straying onto your section but they still may be able to see into your apartment. This is where apartment balcony privacy screens come in handy.

Benefits of Privacy Screens

One way you can improve the appearance of your property is by doing a front porch renovation. A front porch can be an open verandah style, screened, or in colder climes fully enclosed; and each type presents its own challenges for the DIY home enthusiast. We’ll leave aside things like re-painting doors, windows and even walls; as these are all things that aren’t specific to front porch renovations. However, hopefully you’ll find the following ideas both useful and practical.

Renovating a Verandah Style Porch

Your choice of things to use when decorating a porch with plants needs careful consideration, as your porch will be making a statement about you and will be the first thing that any visitors to your house will see. So when you’re decorating a porch with plants don’t just consider using those plants that might please you, but will also those that will make any visitors feel welcome and see that your house is a well maintained and homely one.

Local Conditions and Plants in your Porch

Many homes have front porches with a cement slab and an iron railing. These porches are usually very tiny and there is no room to sit and enjoy the scenery.

By adding a deck onto the existing porch, you can expand the front porch and in some cases, you can make it wrap around to another side of the home. Wrap around porches are a great way to accent the home. The size of the deck will determine how much you need in materials. This is just one of the many front porch addition ideas.

Materials Needed:

    • Footings

So your front or back porch needs a facelift? A great idea is to install ceramic tile on your porch to get that look and feel that it needs. Tile is easy to maintain and is cool on the feet in the summer when the thermometer starts inching skywards.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an indoor or enclosed porch attached to your home, you’re going to want to make the most of this space – after all, when visitors come to your home, the first thing they’re going to see is your indoor porch furniture and how it’s arranged. This outdoor/indoor living space can be as versatile as you choose to make it, depending on what kind of atmosphere you create with your porch furniture.

Indoor Porch Living Space

It’s time for a porch renovation when yours starts to let the entire appearance of your home down. Being tacked on to the exterior of the house, the porch is a focal point because it opens the way for entry into the home and can either welcome or repel those who would like to visit. Even for the occupants, a ratty old porch can make home sweet home far less sweet.

Stand out on the street and take a good long look at your porch. Is the porch roof hanging crookedly or sagging? Are the steps in danger of collapsing beneath someone’s feet? Do the railings look like they wouldn’t stand up to anyone leaning on them?

If you browse in any furniture store or on the Internet, you will find a whole host of backyard porches that you cannot help staring at. Just the look of the gorgeous porch furniture, the blue skies and the laughing models are enough to drive you mad with longing. Backyard porches seem like the ideal summer retreat.