Closet Armoire

The term closet armoire could refer either to a walk-in closet for storing clothes or a stand-alone cabinet, possibly a wardrobe, in which clothes are stored. However, as a DIY/home enthusiast we rather think you’ll be wondering how to make a walk-in closet into a suitable storage space for clothes, so here are a few quick ideas to get you started on building a closet armoire.

Walk-in Closet as an Armoire

If you’re fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet off your bedroom then it makes perfect sense to maximize the effectiveness of the space you’ve got available by making fitted units to store your clothes and shoes etc inside it.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Having Herman Miller Aeron chairs in an office will not just make an office look stylish and modern, but will be a tremendous relief to any office workers who find standard office chairs uncomfortable.

Exactly the same as offices coming in all shapes and sizes, so too do office workers; and whilst it might not be economically feasible to fit out an office with custom made chairs for each worker by buying Herman Miller Aeron chairs - office workers can alter their setup so that they are perfectly comfortable and ergonomically sound for them.

Ergonomics of Aeron Chairs

Loft Beds

A loft bed is a wonderful addition for any child’s room. They are also great for rooms with multiple children, overcrowded, and rooms that are short on space. A loft bed may include a nice storage area underneath that will allow children to play and keep their toys.

A typical child’s loft bed will hold a twin sized mattress, and due to the fact that these beds are both economical and great space savers, they have fast become one of the most popular choices in children’s bedding needs.

Bunk or Decroative