Top Ten Favorite Garden Roses

Roses are some of the oldest and most popular plants to grow. They are a symbol of love and prosperity all around the world. A bouquet of roses is a sure way to bring a cheek to cheek smile to anyone’s face. Sitting out in the midst of a rose garden you can smell the sweet fragrances and enjoy the beautiful blooms.

There are many vibrant and animated varieties of roses to choose from. Some are more suitable to different climates but roses are grown and enjoyed on every continent around the world. They are a floral tie that has the ability to bridge distance and fit any gift giving occasion.

How Much Rain Do Roses Need?

Roses are one of the more popular types of plants that are grown in gardens. They are the type of plant that demands having nutrients from the right type of soil, sun and water. Without having these different elements in place, it will be hard to survive. Beyond recognizing the different things they need to survive, is determining which types of roses need how much of each type of nutrient.

There are several different types of roses, as well as several reasons for growing them. There are also several ways to determine how much water your roses need. One thing that must be determined is how much water your roses will need in order to be able to bloom to their fullest.

Top Ten Varieties of Pink Roses

Pink roses are very beautiful and can add a sort of unique touch to any garden. They come in many varieties, ranging from pale to dark to almost electric. There are varieties that bloom only once per season and those that bloom continuously in cycles from early spring to late fall (until the frost of winter forces them into dormancy). There are also quite a few varieties that are well suited for a variety of hardiness zones.

Rose Insect Pests

If you are having problems with your roses, insects may be responsible. They can do a lot of damage if you do nothing to chase them away. Here is an overview of ten creepy crawly enemies of roses and some ways to identify them.

1. Aphids

Aphids are the most frequent problem pests. They like to make themselves at home in the growing tissue of roses (buds and shoots). Low or even moderate levels of aphids will pose little threat to your roses, though you will need to keep a close eye on how they spread. High numbers of aphids produce an excess of honeydew, which will encourage the growth of mold and they will eventually blacken the rose leaves.

Top Ten Fragrant Roses

The rose attracts people to it for its unique shape, but you’ve got to admit, most people are attracted for its smell primarily. It’s the smell that drives women to request it for a birthday or anniversary celebration. Roses are the premier way to say I love you, and I think you’re as sweet and as wonderful as the rose is. That is pretty sweet and wonderful and how marvelous to think that you’re as grand as the picturesque rose! We all want and need to feel that special.

Have you ever wondered what the sweetest smelling rose is?