Stone walls can be beautiful additions to your home. You can use them to enhance the landscape of your garden, create waterfalls, and use in many other structures like terracing. You do not always have to call in a professional stone mason, for small wall jobs can be done yourself, and this is why it [...]

As with any gardening job, the end result will only be as good as the preparation you put into it and for building a rockery in your garden this means avoiding a site that is prone to being boggy, or worse yet, flooding.

Secondly, make sure you dig over the site thoroughly and break up the earth. Then add plenty of rough rubble finishing off with a layer of smaller and rounder rubble.

Choosing the Rock

When anyone mentions the word “carpet” to you, the likelihood is that you will begin thinking about the thick pile carpets in homes all over the world - the carpets that you walk barefoot on every day and try to keep clean with a vacuum several times a week. However, did you know that there is another type of carpet available today as well? That carpet is outdoor carpet, which is very different to those installed in homes.

You may not see the point in outdoor carpets because they are simply a substitute for grass, right? Wrong! They can contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home in no time at all, and you will see exactly why that is the case right here.

If you are one of the thousands of people who love to see an interesting hedge in a yard, you may want to consider adding great ornamental hedging sculptures to your own yard or garden. Although it may seem incredibly difficult to construct, you can sculpt your own hedges in no time with a little guidance.

There are a few things you should consider however before you jump into hedge sculpting. Start with making a rough sketch of your yard or garden to get an idea of where the hedging would look best and work most efficiently.

Hedge Species

Constructing timber retaining walls for anything up to a height of about 1 meter, or three feet, is a job that any DIY/home enthusiast can tackle. However, above the 1m mark you might be best advised to seek expert help from a builder or landscape gardener, as it involves calculating structural loads and other critical design work.

A well constructed timber retaining wall can easily last for twenty years enabling you to make better use of your garden or yard. If you want to build a retaining wall to support or extend a drive for your autos, then you’re recommended to check local planning/construction regulations before proceeding.

What you Need

Landscaping may appear to be very simple to most people. However, it is actually quite complicated. At its highest level, landscaping is viewed as an art form, but it’s also highly accessible to common folks. Here are some resources for landscapers.

Disease Problems

Diseases in plants can effectively destroy even the best landscaping. It’s important to look for signs of disease so that it can be nipped in the bud before it has a chance to spread and cause more damage. Diseases tend to be a long-term problem when they occur.

A canopy gazebo is a relatively simple and straightforward item for your garden to either make yourself or to just buy and install. A gazebo is an open sided construction with a roof on it, which is usually used to provide shade in a garden during hot and sunny days.

Gazebos can also be used as a shelter from rainfall; however, the effectiveness of a gazebo as a rain shelter is really down to the choice of material for the roof. Gazebos are often built in one fixed position; however, dependant on the materials used in its construction it could also be moveable.

Materials Used in Making a Gazebo

If you have ever been into someone else’s back yard and seen a beautifully paved path winding through flowerbed after flowerbed, you will know that it is difficult not to be enchanted by it.

Whether they have a modern feel or a classic and traditional appeal, brick paths can undoubtedly add another dimension to any garden or yard, and better still laying brick pathway is a task that you can undertake on your own. Simple if you stick to step by step instructions, laying brick pathway is in fact a much easier task than it is often given credit for.

Choose Your Path

Have you ever spent an entire morning or afternoon, or even an entire day for that matter, on your hands and knees trying to remove all of the stubborn and harmful weeds from your back yard garden? If you have then you probably also know the sinking feeling you have afterwards when you realise that you still have to go around to the front of the house and do that yard too.

Pulling weeds is nobody’s favourite pastime and is the bane of a gardener’s existence, which is why you need to choose one of the weed whackers available out there to do that job for you.

What is a Weed Whacker?