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Lawn Care

Remote ControlFor an increasing number of people the idea of owning a remote control lawnmower is becoming more and more appealing.

The term remote control lawnmower can be applied in three ways; it could be having a hand-held remote control to start an electric mower, a hand-held control to activate a robotic lawnmower or, in the fullest sense of the term, it could be a hand-held device to control the whole lawn mowing operation.

Obvious Advantages

Professionally Mown Football TurfThere are two main reasons why we maintain a turf. The first is for aesthetics. Mowing at a specific height and frequency is necessary in order to maintain an attractive, dense turf.

The second reason for turf management is to maintain a surface for recreation and sports. Activities such as golf, baseball, soccer and football are played on turf specifically managed to enhance these activities. Professional turf mowers are a definite necessity.

Well, spring is here. Although it may be more evident in some areas than it is in others, it has technically arrived. With many northern states still getting snow close to the end of April this year, some folks may not have begun preparing for spring yet. One thing that many of us will be looking at this year is a lawn and garden tractor to ease the work load in the yard and around the home.

Types of Tractors

Those of you that own a hand powered push lawn mower or a manual lawn mower may be aware that when they have been used for a while, they do not cut as easily. Some signs to look out for that your manual mower may need sharpened are: if it seems to pull at the grass without cutting it or if it is damaging the grass blades and not cutting them uniformly. That and if it is taking extra effort than usual to cut the grass, you probably just need to sharpen your mower’s blades.

Eliminating Moss

Moss is one of the most common types of weeds that invades home lawns. It can be controlled by altering the soil environment to create the most favorable conditions for grass to grow. Moss is very adaptable and can grow in difficult conditions. Moss does not kill grass, but it does create unfavorable soil conditions for grass growth. These conditions, not the moss, cause the grass to die.

Beach Huts casting shadows over Hove Lawns near King's House on BrightonReseeding your lawn is one of the simplest do it yourself projects that a homeowner can undertake and it makes the lawn and the home look better with just a couple hours of work.

Lawn reseeding can cost a great deal of money if the homeowner decides to hire a professional for the job, but the homeowner can achieve the same effect by following a few simple instructions for reseeding their lawn. The techniques work best in the late summer or early autumn because it allows the new seed time to grow during the cool autumn days.

Step 1 – Preparing Your Lawn