All About Cockroaches

Cockroaches often make the list of the “nastiest bugs on the planet.” Largely considered nasty, dirty bugs found only in run-down places, they’re famous for how hard they are to kill. However, there’s a lot more to roaches than meet the eye.

Types of Cockroaches

DIY Clothesline Post Installation

DIY clotheslines have many advantages over a dryer machine for clothes drying. To start with, they save you money, but they also have zero greenhouse gas emissions, reduce wear and tear on fabric so your clothes last longer, eliminate static cling, and eliminate the noise, risk of fire and excess heat produced by a drying machine.

How to Cut Glass

Cutting glass is a job well within the capabilities of the DIY/home enthusiast so long as you follow these basic tips as to how to cut glass properly. The first thing to realize is that there are limits as to what size of glass pane you can realistically cut. Cutting clear glass that is 3mm in depth will be fine, but beyond 5mm your chances of creating a good clean and straight cut start to diminish.

Similarly, you’ll need at least 150mm of glass on the side away from the piece you want to make it a successful cut. Finally, you’re advised to limit the size of glass sheet that you want to cut to about 500mm, beyond that length it becomes difficult to prevent a corner of the piece of glass you want from shearing off.