Frog Deterrent Ideas

garden frog

Frogs can actually be of great benefit to your garden, but they can also be somewhat of a nuisance too, which is why some folk enquire about frog deterrent precautions they can take in their gardens.

Guide to Pest Proofing Your Garden

You take time to plant flowers, trees and other common household types of garden plants. You make sure they have the proper amount of sun and water, and hope that they grow to be healthy. However, despite the efforts to provide all that plants need to grow, many times its one thing that will prevent plants to grow healthy: pests.

Pests are one of the most common problems facing gardeners and homeowners. Pests can harm plants, flowers and trees by invading the plant and causing damage. Sometimes the damage can be so severe that the plant will not be able to survive.

Pesticides and Safe Alternatives

Trees, flowers, gardens and plants are a part of our everyday life. Trees provide shade, beauty and resources for paper product. Gardens, farm land and plants provide food and are also can be a source of beauty. However, trees, flowers, gardens and plants have a natural enemy – insects. Insects in the air and in the soil can be harmful to anything planted. In addition to insects, weeds, birds and other forces can be harmful to the health of plants and trees.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Rock Pigeons (Columba livia) belong to the bird family Columbidae, most people refer to them as “pigeons”. Contrary to popular belief, they do not spread disease to people, with the possible exception of avian flu, and it isn’t quite fair to call them “rats with wings”. However, they can be a nuisance around a home; they leave droppings that make a big mess and their cooing is annoying to just above everyone. Pigeons can also carry parasites like lice and ticks. If you’ve found this page I’m sure you don’t need to be sold on the need to get rid of pigeons around your house.

All About Cockroaches

Cockroaches often make the list of the “nastiest bugs on the planet.” Largely considered nasty, dirty bugs found only in run-down places, they’re famous for how hard they are to kill. However, there’s a lot more to roaches than meet the eye.

Types of Cockroaches