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Curved Track Lighting

Curved track lighting is the lighting industry’s solution to making the old straight track lighting systems new and exciting and a bit more functional in areas where more flexibility is necessary. Curved track lighting consists of flexible sections of track lighting that are usually S shaped or half moon shaped. They are great for areas where you need to have precise control over where you want each individual track light placed. Curved track lighting also gives a unique new architectural look to your home that has only been available for a short period of time.

Track Lighting

Track Lighting and TransformerAlthough you might associate track lighting with stores and offices, installing track lighting in your home can be really effective in kitchens and bathrooms. It can also add a modern/contemporary feeling to the main living spaces.

In any rooms that are used for study or work, it will provide you with the opportunity to adjust the lighting pattern in the room with ease. Installing track lighting is a job most DIY/home enthusiasts can tackle, but do be sure to check your local regulations on working with electrical fittings.

There are essentially two types of cabinet lighting to install; task lighting and accent lighting. The cabinets you want to add lighting to could be in any room of your home but, by and large, adding lights to cabinets in the kitchen is by far the most common.

Task Cabinet Lighting

Task lighting added to a cabinet is installed to help illuminate the work surface under or in a cabinet, for whatever task you might wish to carry out. Task cabinet lights make a lot of sense when fitted to bathroom and kitchen cabinets, as those are the two rooms where you’re likely to want to work at something under or by the cabinet.

Whether you’re re-decorating or completely renovating a property it will be an ideal opportunity to re-think the residential stair lighting effects that you have. The most common arrangement is to have a light suspended from the ceiling at the top of the stairs and one similarly suspended from the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs, that can be turned on or off by two-way switches at the top and bottom. However, there is no rule or law that makes you have to adopt that system for residential stair lighting.

Safety and Stair Lighting

Lighting Timers

Mechanical Lighting Timer DialInstalling security measures in your home is not optional these days. In fact, it is a must. If you do not choose to have any security locks, alarms and other devices in place then you are leaving your home vulnerable to attack at any given time.

Unfortunately, the world is nowhere near as safe as it used to be so it is important to make sure that your interests are fully protected and take advantage of the available protection, including lighting timers. Lighting timers are only a fraction of the devices available but are essential for DIY home protection.

Lighting Timer Advantages

A light switch extension is a long switch or rod that is attached to a light switch in order to enable small children and the elderly or disabled to easily turn a light on or off. If you have young children or anyone with problems reaching the light switch then light switch extensions may be the answer.

When small children enter or leave their bedroom turning the light on or off can be a challenge. A light switch extension will eliminate the need for them to climb up onto a stool or chair. These extensions make it safer as well as easier for them to be self-sufficient.