As polished concrete increases in popularity, many people are discovering that it is harder to keep up than they thought. The concrete floor was once common only in garages, but over the last decade, industrial buildings in large cities have been turned into lofts and condominiums. Their concrete floors are polished to a marble-like luster [...]

In home construction, three types of foundations are used, basement, crawlspace and slab on grade; all three involve formwork. Formwork is the term used to denote the molds that concrete is poured into to form walls, footings and slabs. Some footings are poured directly into excavated holes, but most formwork consists of lumber and stakes.

Concrete slabs have many functions. In some areas they are the primary kind of house and commercial building’s foundations. They are also popular for outside shed floors, patios, and pool decks. Knowing how to pour a concrete slab is just one of the things a DIYer must know when undertaking a project to install a slab.