Anyone that has ever looked at home and garden magazines will be fully aware of the fact that there are fashions and trends in kitchen and bathroom renovations, some of which will never be popular because they are too kooky or not attractive enough. However, a current trend that has seemed to be in vogue for quite some time and appeals to the vast majority of homeowners is the tumbled marble backsplash.

Versatile and attractive, tumbled marble backsplash can contribute greatly to any kitchen or bathroom because it adds a warmth and homeliness that few other materials do. If you did choose it though, do you know how to care for it?

Cultured marble is not the same as natural marble. Cultural marble care is also different from that of real natural marble. Cultured marble is made from the stone’s dust and a binding polymer. The main advantage of cultured marble over natural stones is that it can be molded. It is often molded into countertops, vanities with the bowl and other household items.

While it may not be as hard to care for as it’s natural counterpart, cultured marble does require some special care. Cultured marble is sanded to a fine finish and given a special gel coat that makes the surface hard, shiny and durable. The gel coat also makes the cultured marble waterproof. It prevents staining, bacteria and mold also.