Metal Roofs

Metal shingles installation is something you may want to look into if you are a homeowner and plan on keeping your home for life. We say that because the initial cost of installation may be higher than with other materials, but in the long haul, you are better off because the roof will require less maintenance and is very likely to outlast the rest of your home.

Aluminum roof coatings are becoming increasingly popular as they improve in quality and usage on many different types of roofs increases. Roof coating is a popular choice because it extends the life of the roof while also saving energy because of its reflective qualities.

There are many advantages and circumstantial differences for applying aluminum roof coatings. There are also many types and brands, so we will try to help you make an informed aluminum roof coating decision in this article that describes how to use aluminum roof coating. Although aluminum roof coatings may be used on many types of roofs, we are going to concentrate on its application on aluminum roofs.

In this article we will be discussing how to care for metal roofing and offer several tips on doing so. Once the manufacturer’s coating wears off of your metal roofing material, you are going to need to cover it with some sort of new protective coating. There are several types of coating used to coat the metal roofing panels including asphalt or polymeric coatings.

Traditionally, corrugated metal roofing has been used mostly on commercial buildings, and certain farm and industrial buildings. While it has been used on homes for well over a century, it has not been the most popular roofing alternative for homeowners. Today, advances in corrugated metal roofing technology have made it a much more realistic solution for your roofing needs.

Various types of metal are used in metal roofing. The roofing can be steel, stainless steel, aluminum, special alloys, or copper, with steel being the most common. It is possible to construct a roof using metal tiles in shingle or panel form, pre-manufactured panels, or rolled sheets.

Are you in the market for a “cool” metal roof? And by cool, we don’t mean hip or with it in the vernacular sense of the word. We’re talking about roofs that are literally cool, temperature-wise. Well, there is such a thing, and it all comes from the reflectivity of metal materials used to make what is known as cool roofs.

What Makes Roofs Cool?

Cool metal roofs provide excellent energy efficiency due to their high solar reflectivity. This, of course, translates into lower utility bills for homeowners living in houses equipped with this type of roof. This reflectivity of metal materials used to construct cool roofs is measured by albedos and is expressed in percentages.

The use of aluminum roofing shingles borrows from knowledge gained in the highly technical and scientific aerospace industry. Its durability, light weight and longevity make it superior to other metals. Aluminum roofing shingles are a cost-effective, highly practical and attractive choice for new and existing buildings.

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