Cedar Potting Shed

Potting ShedThe scent of cedar is a familiar smell. Cut cedar will continue to give off scent long after it’s been cut. Imagine the comfort of entering a cedar potting shed. It’s beautiful color and delicate grain surround you with warmth and welcoming.

It can be used for potting or tool storage but as many are finding out, it also makes a great place to go for reflecting and centering yourself. It is a place to retreat from the rain. You may begin to find it hard to leave. The unexpected intimacy that can grow between you and your cedar potting shed is surprising.

These cedar sheds are available in pre-cut kits that require no special skills to assemble. You can have one custom designed to fit your specifications. There are many options you can choose to create the perfect shed. The shed can be free-standing or built onto your pre-existing greenhouse. You can have an opening or an open and closable door.

Windows can be paned or open air. Flower boxes attached to the window sills will add to its charm. A deck can be included or left out. Optional shelving can be built into your shed. Running water is a good idea. It can have electricity and heat for the winter.

Properties of Cedar

Cedar is naturally rot and insect resistant. The same smell that is attractive to humans is an insect repellant. Moths, fleas, termites and other pests will stay away from cedar. Because of naturally occurring oils within the wood, cedar is durable and protected from decay and wood rot.

Cedar has thermal insulation properties. This is because of its low density. This will help keep the inside of your shed cooler and easier to the touch on hot, sunny days. It will also help contain heat in the winter.

Cedar rarely splinters. It shrinks minimally due to its water resistance. Cedar almost never warps. Cedar also insulates against sound. It dampens sound vibrations. Cedar glues easily with many types of adhesives and under many conditions.

Care of Cedar

Cedar may be left untreated. It will retain its beautiful red color for some time. It will turn a silver-gray over the years. Eventually the smooth, even texture of the grain will become raised. Left untreated, cedar will generally last about ten years.

You can stain cedar with a transparent or full-bodied stain. Weather treating is optional with cedar. This is not the case with other woods. Weather protector will help retain cedar’s original beautiful color and it can double its life.

Build Your Own Cedar Potting Shed

If you build your own potting shed there are five things that should be incorporated into the design. First, you will want a sink in which you can wash and soak dirty pots. The larger the sink, the better it will work. That way you can soak multiple pots at a time. Pots should always be sterilized prior to use.

Second, you will need a large bench or some other flat area in which to work. It should also be large enough to fill and seed multiple pots at a time.

Third, an area that is suitable for draining pots and seed trays after watering.

The fourth item is a storage shelf or storage compartments. You need a place to keep potting soil, fertilizer, tools and other supplies. You will want them to be in easy reach but also up and out of the way, neatly organized in the storage area.

The last must have is a window. Every potting shed should have at least one window if not more. The window should face your yard or garden so that you have a good view of your finished work in all of its beauty. Ideally this window will face the morning sun so as to provide natural light for your seedlings to sprout.

Whether you pay someone to build your potting shed, purchase a pre-fabricated kit or design and build your own, it will quickly become one of your favorite places to be in. For any lover of gardening, a cedar potting shed is a must. No matter what the weather is like, you can still do your gardening in the shed.

Surrounding yourself with plants in all stages, the earthy smell of cedar and soil combined, the calming sound of rain drops on the roof of your shed…these are all awaiting you in your cedar potting shed.

Photo by Aunt Owwee, Creative Commons Attribution License