Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Though tile is being used more and more in new home construction, ceramic tile cleaning still remains something of a challenge. Tile is remarkably durable and elegant looking. Glazed tiles can be wiped with a damp cloth or mop. Unglazed tile is harder to clean. One of the most challenging aspects of ceramic tile cleaning, however, is keeping the grout clean.

Grout is the substance used in between tiles. It has a tendency to grow mildew and mold. Because it is sometimes not on the same plane as the surface of the tiles, the routine cleaning can miss it. To take care of this aspect of ceramic tile cleaning, you can use a solution of chlorine bleach in water, and gently scrub it onto the grout with a soft brush.

Glazed ceramic tile has a surface much like porcelain, which is easily scratched. For this reason, you should not use abrasive agents for ceramic tile cleaning. Use gentle liquid cleansers, and not scouring powders. Ceramic tile is often sealed with a clear finish to make it more durable, but it is still likely to show scratches. Gentle cleaners designed for use on ceramic tile are best.

  • Since grout has such a tendency to mildew, regular use of disinfectants should be part of routine ceramic tile cleaning. Spraying the grout with disinfectant won't just kill germs. It can also hold back the growth of mold and mildew.

All home surfaces are easier to clean if they are kept clean. It is when routine chores are neglected that the cleaning becomes a problem. Try to take care of ceramic tile cleaning at least once a week with a damp mopping. Prevention is important, too. All floors can be kept cleaner if good door mats are used at every entrance. These trap the dirt at the door so you don't have to clean it up later.

When tile is newly installed, you should wait at least 3 days before ceramic tile cleaning with a damp mop. This gives the grout some time to dry. It won't be cured enough to have a seal added for at least four weeks. Be careful during this time, and your ceramic tile floor will give you many years of wear.

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