Ceramic Tile Cutting Tips

If you love the beauty of ceramic tile and would like to begin your own projects, but feel intimidated when it comes to ceramic tile cutting, you may benefit by attending a workshop. Many home and building supply stores will offer workshops geared towards do it yourself home repair and this is great way to find out all that you need to know about ceramic tile cutting and installing your tiles.

You can always find information through your local library or on the Internet, but by attending a workshop you have the additional benefit of seeing the tiles being cut as well as asking the instructor any questions that you may have. Many people are often surprised that once they learn ceramic tile cutting techniques, how effortless the process truly is.

Ceramic Tile Cutting Tools

Your first step in successful ceramic tile cutting is in choosing the right tools. One of the most familiar tools used in ceramic tile cutting is the wet saw. Along with the saw, other tools include cutting boards, tile nippers, hole bits, hand held rotary tools, and accessories such as drill bits for cutting holes.

You will need to determine the best tool for the purpose that you would like to accomplish. Sometimes, ceramic tiles may need to be cut into different shapes to accommodate for fixtures or fitting around surfaces such as a toilet bowl.

Renting a Ceramic Tile Saw

A ceramic tile saw may be expensive and if you have a small budget but need a saw for ceramic tile cutting, you may find that the best way to meet your goals is to rent a wet saw.

There are tool rental stores that will let you rent the saw by the day. This is a great alternative for those who need to accomplish a task but do not want to commit to the purchase of a saw that they may not have a further use for.

Cutting Circles

There are many times that it will be necessary to cut holes in the tile. Learning to cut holes is an important part for ceramic tile cutting. This can be accomplished by using a drill bit and a drill such as a masonry or tile drill.

A Hole Bit can be used to cut out perfect circles in tiles when you are tiling a shower wall and need to allow for the showerhead. Masonry drill bits come in a variety of different sizes, choose the size that is best suited to the size hole that you will need in the tiles.

Using Nippers

Another tool used for ceramic tile cutting are Tile Nippers. Tile Nippers look like wire cutters but they have squared off jaws. The Nippers actually nip or break off small pieces of the tile. This process does not result in a smooth or straight line. When using Nippers, you should take very small bites into the tile at a time.

It may require a great deal of patience to ensure that you only take small nips at a time, but your efforts will be rewarded. Generally, you will use Nippers for customizing your tile to fit in awkward places.

Choose your Design and Plan Ahead

Now that you have the ceramic tile cutting tools that you need, it is important that you carefully plan and design your project before you begin cutting tile. You should always use your tools properly to lower the chance of breaking your tiles. Some breaking is to be expected and may not be avoided, but if you are careful and use the best tools for the job, you will be pleased with your results.

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