Ceramic Tile Saw Tips

The trick to determining the right ceramic tile saw to use is in deciding what your needs and purposes are. You should begin choosing your ceramic tile saw after carefully considering your project needs. Your project will also be greatly impacted by the blade that you choose.

What is Your Project?

In fact, choosing the correct blade to meet your project requirements is vitally important for achieving the best results. So, a very important step in choosing the best ceramic tile saw will result in choosing the right sized blade for your project. This includes choosing a ceramic tile saw that has the horsepower that you need, has easily interchangeable blade settings, and will cut your tiles to the size that you need.


Horsepower is the key to cutting your tile easily and precisely. The more horsepower your ceramic tile saw has the easier your task will be. Ceramic tiles are generally easier to cut then other tiles such as marble or stone and most ceramic tile saws will have enough horsepower to handle the job.

Some ceramic tiles will require more horsepower, these include large thick tiles or tiles that are extremely hard. When you are looking for a ceramic tile saw, choose one that has at least 1.5 hp and your saw will be adequately powered to cut through all of your ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tile Saw Sizes

When choosing a ceramic tile saw, you would need to consider the size of the tiles you will cut. You will notice that your ceramic tiles saw features will include the Length of Cut as well as Diagonal Cuts. For example, a saw may have a Length cut of 20 inches and a Diagonal Cut of inches. It is important to make sure that the Diagonal Cut is large enough to accommodate your choice of tile that you will be working with. Choose a saw that has the Diagonal Cut that you need to ensure the best results.

Ceramic Tile Saw Blades

Different materials will require different blades to make the perfect cut. If you are using your ceramic tile saw for ceramic, but will also use it for cutting Marble or Granite then you will need to make sure that you have blades for each cutting job. Choose a ceramic tile saw that has the ability to change blades easily and purchase the blade that is best suited to match your cutting needs.

Tools and Accessories

If you do not have much room, then you may be interested in purchasing a small table sized ceramic tile saw. These saws are considerably lower in horsepower, for instance they may have only 1/4 horsepower, so you will not be able to cut a variety of materials, but if you need a simple saw for ceramic tiles and do not have much room, this may be a good choice for you.

However, if you have a larger saw, you may be interested in purchasing a stand for your saw. Some saws will also come with various wrenches to make blade changes effortless and trouble free.

Caring for your Ceramic Tile Saw

Once you have purchased your ceramic tile saw you should take steps to ensure its longevity by properly caring for and maintaining your new equipment. It is important that you always unplug your ceramic tile saw before cleaning or servicing it. You should keep it clean and this includes cleaning after each use.

Another important step is to use WD-40 to keep your saw well lubricated and free of rust. By maintaining and properly caring for your ceramic tile saw, you will be able to enjoy your saw for many years.

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