Ceramic Tile Tub Surround

Gone are the days of limited choices for your ceramic tile tub surround. We don’t just want to get clean in the bath, we want to enjoy the whole experience of it. Having a beautiful bathroom is as much about the tile and the bath tub as the color of the towels you hang or the view from the window. Think outside the square and go crazy with color, murals and mosaics.

Instead of relenting and choosing boring monochrome colors for your bathroom, think in terms of the range of tile accessories that are available to us nowadays. Visit any tile showroom and you’ll see magical displays of wall and floor tiles that you may not have known existed. You can have your very own bathroom mural if you want!

Add accents of color in the form of feature tiles. Your ceramic tile tub surround can include interesting, quirky, whimsical, modern or traditional touches that catch the eye and create interest. Whether you love birds, flowers, shells, geometric designs or abstract images, you’ll find something to suit.


Use a wall frieze to liven up the ceramic tile tub surround. A feature in itself, it is a wall-length ‘stripe’ of contrasting or co-ordinating color that runs along the walls that surround the tub. Sometimes these can be patterned, otherwise they can be simply elegant in a stainless steel look, gold or just a bold block color.

Tile Murals

As if Michelangelo himself descended into your bathroom and created a one-off just for you, tile murals are the latest in ceramic tile tub surrounds. They are put together from a series of tiles designed into a full picture.

Some feature extended images so that you can enlarge the mural from perhaps two-by-two tiles to eight-by-eight tiles. Whatever appeals to you is what’s important. They certainly bring color and life to your bathroom walls and you can pick up accents and echo them in your choice of towels, light fittings, furnishings and faucets.

Spread the Design

Just because your ceramic tile tub surround has an outstanding design, doesn’t mean you can’t show it off elsewhere in your bathroom. A backsplash tile can pop up behind the basin or on a wall in the shower. This reiterates the design and ties it all in together, forming a look that makes total sense wherever your eyes land.

Border Tiles

As the name suggests, border tiles make an excellent ceramic tile tub surround. Rather than your white tub being met at the wall by white grout and white tile, break it up a little and throw in some color and patterning. You’ll be surprised at the lift they will bring.

Since your ceramic tile tub surround is permanent, you really should be happy with it before you buy and install it. Take home some sample tiles to get a feel for how they’ll look when your bathroom is finished. Compare them against other elements in the room such as the tub itself. Sometimes whites can differ. Leave the feature tiles on display for a few days in the bathroom so you can get comfortable with them.

There are dozens of ceramic tile tub surround ideas to choose from and inevitably you’ll find something just perfect for your own home.

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