Italian Ceramic Floor Tile

The best Italian ceramic floor tile is made by men and women who have been doing this for generations. Most of the tiles are made and formed and even placed into the oven by hand. They are then painted and glazed by hand as well. Where else can you get such attention to detail and quality than in Italian ceramic floor tile?

You can find many kinds of Italian ceramic floor tile that have pictures handpainted on them. These can make floor murals that are a great way to add drama to your home both inside and outside. There are also many Italian tiles that have different textures. Floor texture is a great way, sometime even better than color, to bring the room to life.

Tile Styles

You can get smooth and shiny Italian ceramic floor tile or rough and bumpy styles. There are lined floor tiles and tiles that look tiled. The selection is vast and the decorating ideas astounding. If you want to try something completely new and mix and match your tile there is nothing stopping you from doing that either. You can do so much with the use of Italian tiles and all it takes is a little money and a lot of imagination.

There are also different sizes of Italian ceramic floor tile. You can get small tiles or very large ones. The larger tiles are harder to put down. If you choose these you should definitely get a professional into do the installation. Because they have so large of a surface area these type of tiles are much easier to break when putting them down so they need to be treated with extra special care.

The sub layer of the floor also needs to be evened out better because these tiles will be much easier to crack. And when they do break and need to be replaced it will cost more to have this done because the tiles are so much larger.

No matter what your final decision on Italian ceramic floor tile is you will love it. The effect that Italian tiles have on your entire home is always stunning and gorgeous.

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