Add Instant Style with Ceramic Tiles

Warratah ceramic tile styleWith its timeless appeal and practicality, it is easy to see why the ceramic tile is one of the world's most used flooring materials. Whether you are finishing up a new home or remodeling, ceramic tiles can easily give style and functionality.

Natural Materials

Ceramic tiles are actually natural clays (earth products) baked at very high temperatures, making them strong, hardwearing, long lasting and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are very intuitive, they retain their heat and emit it slowly because of its high thermal storage capacity, making them ideal for places where it is warm during the day and cool during the night.

Ceramic tiles are available in many varieties, and the two most common distinctions are glazed or unglazed.

Glazed ceramic tiles are those with glass-like surfaces. The gleam of these glazed tiles come from the recycled content of glass light bulbs, bottles, automobile windshields and waste from feldspar mining incorporated into it. Glazed ceramic tiles are a bit more expensive, but they are water-resistant and can retain their hard quality and surface color for decades. This is why many homeowners use glazed ceramic tiles for kitchen or patio flooring.

Unglazed ceramic tiles (also called Mexican pavers) are made only of all clay and do not contain materials to make it shiny. They are usually used for outdoor flooring, as you may see in some sidewalks or parks. But remember: you need to coat unglazed ceramic tiles with protective sealant before or after installation to prevent soiling and bacterial growth.

Ceramic Tile Art

The popularity of hand-painted tiles is growing, especially now that design is gearing more towards uniqueness and character. One-of-a-kind hand-painted ceramic tiles can turn your counter tops, fireplaces, patios, stair risers, fountains, table tops and even bath enclosures into instant works of art. You can also use these distinctive ceramic tiles for baseboards, window borders, display windows, floor accents, crown molding, swimming pools, exterior accents, and even wall coverings to instantly add a touch of sophistication.

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