McCulloch Chain Saw Tips

When looking for a chain saw, nothing beats the power and performance of a McCulloch chain saw. These chain saws come in both gas and electric powered models. McCulloch has the market on great tools and their McCulloch chain saw is no exception. The McCulloch Company has been manufacturing chain saws since the 1950s. You will find that a McCulloch chain saw is perfect for all of your lawn and gardening needs.

McCulloch Electric Chain Saws

McCulloch chain saws include added features such as automatic oilers and standard chain brakes. Options abound when you are choosing an electric McCulloch Chain Saw. You can select from 1.5 Horse Power all the way to 4.5 Horse Power.

The standard size models for electric McCulloch Chain Saws includes14 inches and 16-inch models. A 14-inch bar length is suitable for cutting logs that have up to 28" in diameter, and the 16" bar length will cut logs up to 32" in diameter. The electric chain saws are lightweight and will start easily, adding to their appeal. When purchasing an electric McCulloch chain saw, you will enjoy the fact that your saw arrives fully assembled. They also come with a two-year warranty.

Gas Powered McCulloch Chain Saws

Many people prefer the McCulloch Chain Saw that is gas powered due to its increased power performance and durability. There are plenty more options available when it comes to choosing bar length with a gas powered McCulloch Chain Saw as opposed to the electric models.

When choosing bar length, the gas powered McCulloch Chain Saws offers a 14", 16", 18", and a whopping 20" bar length. These models also vary in power and they range from 32 cc's to 46 9 cc's.

Your gas powered McCulloch Chain Saws also include accessories such as carrying cases, electronic ignitions, anti vibration handles, standard chain brakes/ hand guards, automatic oilers for consistent lubrication, and manufacturer's warranty.

You will however need to check with your particular make and model for the specific amenities provided for your model. The larger gas powered McCulloch Chain Saws are perfect for handling all of your larger limbs, and are the perfect addition for you home and gardening needs.