Chaise lounges add elegance

To add true comfort and a laze-around quality to your backyard, consider adding a chaise lounge or two.

A chaise lounge, really just an elongated chair (chaise is French for "long chair"), adds a sense of old-world elegance to a backyard and seating comfort for its inhabitants. Perfect for seating around a pool, on its own on the lawn, or included in a patio table setting, the chaise lounge invites a comfortable enjoyment of the outdoors.

There is usually some flexibility in chaise lounge seating. The chaise will generally have four legs with a back that can be slanted to allow for a true recline. Depending on the style and design of the chaise, there might be just a few configurations or many ways to configure the chaise lounge for comfort and style. The most popular designs will allow the chaise to lay flat, at a slight incline and at an almost 90-degree angle.

Chaise lounges for the outdoors are generally designed to withstand all that comes with outdoor use, so weather-resistant materials are used, like teak and cedar. Chaise lounges can also be purchased in aluminum or wrought iron.

The surface of the chaise is slatted, so as not to collect rainwater and features removable cushions rather than upholstered surfaces. You can long extend the life of the chaise lounge by removing the cushions in winter and covering the shell of the lounge to protect it from the elements.

For those desiring an elegant look inside, chaise lounges are also offered upholstered for living rooms and bedrooms. Some sectional sofa units offer chaise lounges as one of the sections, or homeowners can purchase a stand-alone chaise. They take up a bit more room than a recliner, but have become popular among homeowners looking to add comfortable elegance to a room.

Upholstered chaise lounges for the indoors can generally be found in living and family rooms, bedrooms, and even entryways and screened in porches. They are often included in designs for rooms with an old-world feel.