Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Cherry hardwood flooring is known for its rich, warm tones that give a room's floor an exquisite glow. However, not all cherry hardwood flooring is alike. Although they share the name, American cherry and Brazilian cherry are two very different woods that have dissimilar uses. Each of these woods has a unique look and function, so if you are considering cherry hardwood flooring, make sure that you can make an educated choice as to which kind of cherry will suit your needs.

American cherry hardwood flooring has orange and blond overtones, and is a soft wood that is only appropriate as flooring for rooms that will see gentle wear. The look of American cherry is refined and elegant, and this beautiful hardwood can be an exquisite choice for a space like a drawing room or parlor that is designed for visual impact rather than for rough daily use. American cherry wood is relatively expensive, but this unique wood creates a refined atmosphere that no other material can approximate.

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring isn't actually from cherry trees at all. This imported wood gets its name from the look of the wood, not from the species of the tree. Also known as Jatoba, Brazilian cherry is harder and more durable than American cherry, and has a deep red color that darkens with age.

Brazilian cherry gives a room warmth and sophistication, and is more affordable and more practical than American cherry, especially for spaces that will see regular traffic. Jatoba is one of the more robust hardwoods, and can stand up to more wear than oak or other traditional wood flooring options.

To create a beautifully complex effect, consider opting for a combination of these two diverse woods that share a name. A floor that is made of Brazilian cherry with American cherry accents will offer the durability and comfortable price tag of Jatoba with the delicate elegance of American cherry.

American cherry is traditionally an attention getting choice for decorative inlays and details. Mixed cherry hardwood flooring provides a warm palette of red tones that mix well together and can give any room a truly unique atmosphere.

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