Choices for Countertop Edge Styles

Along with the huge choice of countertops for the kitchen you can also choose from a variety of countertop edge styles to show your new tops and kitchen off to its best advantage. There are several designs to choose from when it comes to the edging and which is best for you will depend on your preference and also to some extent the colour and style of your chosen countertop.

The countertops and cupboards are the main focus of your new kitchen and sometimes little thought is given to the actual edges of the countertop, but not only do they add beauty and finish off the kitchen, the countertop and edge is the practical part of the kitchen.

Choosing from the Countertop Edge Styles

Some of the most popular styles of countertop edge include setback, Spanish, classic, half bull nose, bevel, coved, double bead and the triple bead. However there are other choices when it comes to the edging, for instance there is the self-edged laminate that you are able to install yourself and the choices for these are huge. This type is a more customised edging style as they are fabricated to the individual, with this option curves and radius corners are all possible which means you can have an economical and unique edging.

There is also the decorative self-edged laminate, this gives all the benefits of the self-edged but as the name suggests it is a more decorative style. This is a low cost way of having a very attractive edging with a decorative edge without it actually adding hundreds more onto the cost of the kitchen.

Decorative deck laminate is very similar to the self-edge with the exception of plastic laminates on the deck, there are many combinations possible with this choice and you are also able to choose from many special finishes.

However by choosing one of these for the edging on your counter top you would have to wait longer for your counter tops that had you chosen one of the most popular standard edgings.

Countertop Edge Materials

You also have to give some thought to the material of the countertop and countertop edge styles; granite is one of the most popular choices but unfortunately also one of the most expensive choices. The beauty of it is that it is scratch resistant and hard to burn or mark, when it comes to edging then granite can be cut into almost any edge type or style.

Quartz is another great choice for both the countertop and the countertop edge as it also can be cut to any style edge and has the same beauty of granite, however this too is costly and in some cases even dearer than granite.

Soapstone is another popular choice as it has virtually invisible seams when joined together and again the edge can be cut into any style possible although with some of the softer type of stone the choices might be fewer. It is very hard wearing, resistant to heat and spills and has a natural beauty of its own due to the way that it changes colour to a rich charcoal grey with age which gives it character.

Swan stone is a cheaper choice than the others but is just as durable, it is very easy to keep clean; it is also crack and stain resistant and comes in a wide choice of colours which makes it fit into any style kitchen.