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The unit of measurement for lumber is the Board Foot. It is equal to a board that is 1 inch thick and 12 inches square.

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Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Guide

Be ready for rain showers with our series on harvesting rainwater. Collecting rainwater helps your community save precious water for household tasks such as watering the lawn, gardening, and washing.

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Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing

kitchen cabinet refinishing projectDepending on if you're needing to work on one or two cabinets only or the entire bank of cabinets, kitchen cabinet refinishing can be either a one or two-day job, or it can turn into a several-week project. And if you're like most folks, letting go of around $100 per linear foot to have them replaced with a new set can put a serious ding in the pocketbook or, in many cases, just isn't an option. So hopefully, these suggestions can help you not only do the job better and easier, but save you some cash, as well.

Strip Em Down

All kitchen cabinets refinishing tips should start with taking everything possible off and down. This translates into unscrewing and removing hinges, knobs, pulls, and then, the entire cabinet door. Some drawers have faces that are removable when you take off the knobs.

Ceramic Tiling Tips

ceramic tiling tipsPicking a new floor can be overwhelming. Even after you've narrowed it down to one particular type, it is still challenging to find the right tile because there are so many different varieties to choose from these days. And then once you’ve purchased your new tiles, there are still quite a few things to consider before you begin laying the tile. Here are the top five things you should know before you began tiling.

1. Is Ceramic Tile Suitable for Your Space?There are many advantages to ceramic tile. It is really durable and easy to clean. It isn’t the best option in some spaces though. During the winter months, ceramic tiles can really hold the cold, so you might not want to use them in a basement space. Certain types can be slippery, so you if you are considering tile for an entryway, you should go with a more slip-resistant variety.

Ten Drywalling Tips

drywalling tipsIf you're new to drywalling, then there are some basic tools and methods that you need to familiarize yourself with. Here are the ten top things you should know to make your next drywalling project as easy as can be.

1. Do the proper preparation

Before beginning any new project, you should have an inspection done to make sure that your work will comply with local building codes. You also want to measure your space carefully so you buy the right amount of drywall.