Classic Picket Fence Tips

Picket fences and apple pie, those are the two things that all Americans dream of right? Have you ever thought of building your own classic picket fence? It can be done and it can be done simply and quickly with the right tips working for you. In just a weekend you can have your classic picket fence up and guarding your home.

If you have never built anything before in your life, do not worry because you can still build the perfect classic picket fence. You want to keep the lines simple though, so choose a nice straight path for the fence to take. This will help to keep the job as easy as pie.

It will probably help to get a survey done so that you know exactly where your property line really is. You might be surprised to know just how many people have no idea where their land really does begin and end. You have to know this if you want to build a proper classic picket fence.

You may have heard that all good fences need to have the posts planted in cement but I do not find this to be true at all. In fact, I have built many a classic picket fence and I have never done this. I have also never run into any problems.

Just dig down about two feet for each post (a fence post auger comes in handy for this) and pack the dirt around the post tightly. This will keep the fence strong and stable even in a tough wind. This way, when you need to replace a post later on down the road, you will never have a problem, it will always be a simple exercise.

Your classic picket fence gate posts should be put down to at least 32 inches and these should be the ones with some concrete around them. They are the ones that will be getting jiggled every day when you open and close the gates. For good stability put about 6 inches of cement around each gate post. That should keep them there for ages. You will probably never even have to replace them.

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